Must-Watch Vid: Taylor Swift Makes Study Hall Fun In “The Story of Us”

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Taylor Swift "The Story of Us" Music Video

After giving fans only a tiny snippet of “The Story of Us,” Taylor Swift finally released the full length vid for her new single last night on MTV. In true T Swift fashion she’s singing about an ex boyf, saying their story is looking like a tragedy, but we say it’s looking more like a study hall sesh. Anyone else wanna pick up a book and head to the library after watching this vid?!

Click on to watch!

What did you think of Taylor’s video? And how great does Taylor look? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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  • Lucy

    she’s my favourite..wish she married brett lee..
    i love brett lee as well he is so cute..

  • Anonymous

    I love her and her music. I really liked the song. I thought the music video was cute, but it’s not her best one.

  • Joyce Meram

    She’s really incredible that’s why everyone loves her. SHE’S THE BEST AMONG THE REST. This video is so amazing. I love ya, Taylor forever and always.xxxx

  • jasmine lotaya cornell

    i just start liking taylor swuift iam 12 years old

  • NelzTheSimsonizer143


  • someone

    man i love taylor swift so friggin much!!!!!! <3