Victoria Justice Looks Awesome and Barely Works Out. Cool. (Exclusive Video)

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Victoria Justice

Guys, Victoria Justice wasn’t on the cover of Seventeen’s health issue for nothing. She looks good. And what we love the most about Vic’s stay healthy tips is that she isn’t all crazy or obsessive. No 6am workouts or no-carb diets. She keeps her bod looking like that with a workout when she feels like it, a “brisk jog” every so often, and ya know, bacon on occasion. See? Stars eat too!

Click on to get more deets on Victoria’s eat-healthy, stay-healthy, look-awesome tips!

Will you take Vic’s workout tips? What’s your eat-healthy advice? Tell us in the comments!

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  • oksana

    i like eat healhy food and yoga.

  • megan

    OMG i love Victoria shes amazingly talented and shes an awesome actor,honestly i like Victoria better then Selena Gomez because when Victoria’s dating a guy she doesn’t go on a start changing the guy when Selena Gomez does she’s the one who made Justin Bieber get a tattoo,
    i know it seems like a the type of person that’s a hater but i’m only speaking the proof and i have proof that Justin Bieber has a tattoo go online on google images and type in Justin Bieber’s tattoo

    i love

  • megan

    OMG i love Victoria she AWESOME shes better then Selena Gomez,
    see Victoria justice is pretty and she has an amazing voice and Victoria doesn’t change people when shes dating a guy
    i know u all r gonna say that Selena doesn’t change people either but she does and i have proof
    shes the one how made Justin Beiber get a tattoo
    i know it seems like i’m the kind a person that’s a hater but is the truth
    u probably cant handle it but u should no

  • pamela

    ugh correction victoria justice was not on the cover of seventeen healthy magazine it was Nina Dobrev! how can you make such a mistake!!!

  • Mae

    O my gosh! I love this site and I love Victoria! What could be better!? I’d love to see more! Thanks!

  • samira

    hey i am victorias biggest fan and i would love to sie more videos rocks

    • maddison

      i love victoria and i think im her biggest fan shes awesome really pretty adn she has an amazing voice and a shes a great actor

  • alexis marie doerr

    you rock so much.

  • Victoria Fan!

    well, sure seems to be working!