Bella and Zendaya’s Summers Will Be filled With Pool, Beach, And, Duh, Each Other (Exclusive Video)

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Zendaya and Bella

Few things are better than spending the summer with your BFF. Except maybe when you and your BFF are famous. Best summer ever. Obvs we’re talking about Bella Thorne and Zendaya! We caught up with the Shake It Up girls at the Simmons’ Pastry launch event and asked them all about their summers, past and present. Past? Lots of pool time and camp. Present? Lots of pool time and hanging out with each other! Hey, girls, can we tag along?!

Click on to get more deets on Bella’s and Zendaya’s summer plans and memories!

What are your summer plans? Are you excited for Shake It Up season 2? Tell us in the comments!

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  • victoria hex norris

    i just love guys zendaya and bella ,and i just wanted to say that i am your biggest fan and i love the song ttylxox it is toooo good that i cannot stop singing it i just love you guys,you are so AMAZING!!!!!, bye

  • I love bella’s ass

    Bella torne u r the most beautiful girl old r u and would u ever date a older guy?just wandering

  • Bill

    Your a sexy chick girl, and I’m thirteen! Wanna go on a date Bella Thorne? I’m the best guy you got! By the way, I got your cell! Call ya! Bella Thorne so sexy!

  • Bill

    You’re not as much of a fan as I am. I could kiss them both at the same time for hours straight. Got the DVR loaded man?

  • Avalon

    Excuse me?!but if u haters dont have anything nice or decent to say then dont type in anything at all!look i know everyone has their own opinand if u dont like em thats ur business,but its just pathetic to waste ur time typing in negative thoughts just cuz u cant understad y we like em so either get a life or stay there being the source of hate either way im gd;)

    • Venice

      GaGa_JoNaS_LoVaTo scrive:Bravo!!! Ecco adsseo che non mi vengano a dire che non e8 bravo!! vedendo i commenti che dicono nei Miserabili Nick ha fatto schifo ci resto male!! Per la sua ete0 ha un grande talento!!

  • nicci

    I love shake it up !! I love zendaya and bella but I love zendaya more . She can dance like there’s no 2morrow !!

  • ana

    I love to shake it up I have no words to describe what you do I love girls are the best

  • kia

    talk to me

    • KFC!!! :D

      k. ur very random.

  • alize

    Hey what up is cody simison bella boyfriend!!!!!!!!

  • Bella

    I remeber meking this.Me & Zendaya had lots if fun over the summer,and “Shake It Up!” I cant wait for all of the fans to see it!!

    • Alexa


  • jalisha

    i love shake it up but i want to be and actor my self i had lots of audtions just lilke bella throne

    • Bella

      Aww! That means so much to me! Thank you so much.

      • kdfslzkldsn g

        wow. ur not you. ๐Ÿ˜› btw i hate ur clothes on shake it up IF u are really you

  • perla vanessa

    hey i am you bigest fan zendaya and bella

  • Claire :P

    Ok Disney is going a little overboard some of the actors now are mostly in high school and it’s just not appropriate for the kids that watch it there lik all in elimentaray sorry I spelled tht wrong but seriously!!

  • the horse rider….

    I dont exactly like Shake it Up… But that doesnt mean that i dont like Bella and Zendaya. Shake it up isn’t written well overall. It was inexpensively made obviously and it doesn’t send the best message to children… I love the two main actresses in other shows like Wizards of Waverly Place where Bella guest starred. One thing that I thought was HILARIOUS was when they were advertizing their dancing video tutorial thing and Zendaya FREAKED OUT when Bella interupted her!!! Oh one more thing is that the store Justice (a local store near my home town for girls ages about 5-12) is selling the exact same clothes they wear on the show. (I used to watch it until I realized it was idiotic).. But a couple of things that they sell are the overalls that rocky wore once and the tops that both of the girls wear. The ripped jeans where the rips go all the way down to the ankle are there too, and other stores are selling it too. If you dont believe me, look up the store Justice (used to be limited too) on google. Thanks!!!!

    written by an 11 year old…

    • Tylerโ™€

      I kind of agree with you. Because first i dont know what was going on about the whole thing you were talking about the show about why you dont like it but i kinda like it and kinda dont I dont like it because its not very funny or amusing that new show what is it? ant farm or something is funnier than shake it up but i still think shake it up if pretty cool and there so stylish i shop justice to ;D

      • The horse rider…

        Lol same!!! i yeah i like ant farm… its pretty funny but shake it up is kinda boring… it is weird… haha so u live in va im guessing. cool!

    • Claire :P

      So right

      • the horse rider…

        THANK YOU!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • brianna

    zendaya i hope you get this message cause if you don’t than thats ok bye

    • KFC!!! :D

      whats that supppose to mean??????

  • Mahika

    I think that Bella and Zendaya’s relationship is so dependable and it’s so great that people like me see that everyday.

    • brianna

      i love zendaya you the most exiting person i ever saw

    • UGH

      weird…. ITS FAKE MAN

  • Tori

    alot of ppl think that they r fake and soo lucky to even be on this show.

    i dont think that at all!! :O

    • KFC!!! :D

      Um, it is fake. most ppl are like, OMG THEIR MY IDOLS!!! well they shouldnt be. They arent best freinds, if you watched the commercials, they like are so pssid off at eachother… just watch

  • diandra

    i am a big fan of rocky and cece…you guys are soo super awesome

  • Rachelle

    Zendaya is so talented. Keep Working Hard. You inspire me

  • trudy

    im so excited for the new season of shake it up!!!! i watch shake it up three times a day and i see every episode before it airs!!!! SOMETIMES!!

  • nickolette devina simon

    so is your boyfriend cody simpson and i forgot to say that i a big fan. i watch you on sake it up. and the new oone charile shakes it up

    • alize

      i now !!

  • Katia

    Umm why so obsessed with these girls i mean there celebs of course there summer will be great and shake it up sucks zendaya coleman is lame and bella thorne is wierd

    • the horse rider….

      THANK YOU!!! this is soooo true… the actresses would be better if they were on a diffferent show.

  • maddie

    i just listen to Zendaya’s new song on i tunes “Swag it Out”

    • girly

      Swag it out” is an awsum song wow i really like it i can’t stop listening to it,

      swag it out i’m gonna g-g-g gonna g-g-g gonna sway it out

      • Curtis

        U R doing a beautiful job singing and dancing also acting…and i also host a shake-it-up*party at my house, i just want 2 let u know that….god bless u all….LOL