From Our BFFS: Is Kim Kardashian Engaged Because She’s Pregnant?!

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If you hadn’t heard, there were rumors swirling around this morning that Kim Kardashian is preggers! Well, she’s NOT. The end. [Hollywire]

So, Justin Bieber not only gives his lady Selena Gomez foot massages, but he’s also super willing to go shopping with her! Best. Boyfriend. Ever. [Just Jared Jr]

Gleeks! We hear Naya Rivera aka Santana Lopez is hitting the studio to record her very first album. Fingers crossed that “Trouty Mouth” will be on it. Ha! [4TNZ]

In other Glee news, apparently Matthew Morrison is becoming a total diva. We guess that means he and Lea Michele can be besties… [Wetpaint]

These dreamy Darren Criss pics and clips were just too awesome not to share. Thank us later. [Posh 24]

Fashion lovers, get happy! Jessica Simpson and her sister Ashlee are launching a tween clothing line. And if it’s anything like Jessica’s current line, we’re totes gonna love it. [Cambio]

And speaking of amazing celeb designers, enter now to win some cute jewelry from Lauren Conrad‘s line for Kohl’s! [College Candy]

Love Hailee Steinfeld‘s mermaid waves? Now you can get your hair to look just like hers! Oscar nom not included. [ELLEgirl]

Looking forward to Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon? You’ll be beyond psyched when you see this behind-the-scenes look at all the Shia LaBeouf action! [JSYK]

Only four more days until the premiere of Teen Wolf…and our BFF’s got the scoop on the show’s resident hottie Dylan O’Brien! [Seventeen]

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One Response to "From Our BFFS: Is Kim Kardashian Engaged Because She’s Pregnant?!"

    CarylLucero says:

    what??? that is so not true if kim really is pregs how come she’s still the Kim Kardashian that is sexy and fearless on TVEE??? hmmm….=)

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