PLL Spoiler Alert! Are Aria and Ezra Dunzo For Good?!

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What can we expect from Pretty Little Liars new season? Uh, so far we don’t really know. But thanks to an E! exclusive, we just snatched up a huge season 2 spoiler involving Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra (Ian Harding). And Ezria fans, we’re not so sure you’re gonna like this one…

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E! says that Aria and Ezra will be faced with a love triangle, as a totally new hot guy is entering Aria’s life. Now, we know that Aria and Ezra also have a love triangle already with Ezra’s ex who comes to Rosewood. But with Aria having a new guy come in, this may turn into a love square. And who exactly is the guy? It’s Jason DiLaurentis — Allison’s brother!

And according to Executive Producer Marlene King:

“He plays a dark and mysterious guy, and he taps into Aria’s dark and mysterious side. She used to be what we call ‘Goth-lite’ in flashbacks, he kind of taps into that, he remembers Aria in her pink hair and the person she used to be, and they kind of connect in that way.” So that explains it! We can’t wait to see this when it airs.

Pretty Little Liars comes back on Tuesday, June 14! Are you ready? How do you feel about Aria being with someone other than Ezra? Do you think this will work out better for her or be a total disaster? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments!

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  • A

    i took away your boyfriend aria and spencers poor toby. emily is next goodluck -A

  • a

    i took away your boyfriend aria and spencers emily is next good luck-A

  • Brenna

    I love jason! I want him and aria to he togeher!!! Ezra is creepy and he looks like a toad, and jason is way hot. Aria shud b with him!!!

  • Nada Ezria Bieber

    2 words!

  • Anonymous

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON”T breakup ezra and aria PLEASE. her character will mean nothing anymore!

  • -A

    omg,arias life is going to fall apart once evrybody INCLUDING her parents find out she was dating ezra her teacher,and i think she should stay with jason because he loves her but then again hes a creep,he had pics of her asleep in his dark room likeeee..WTF jason i thought he was innocent and normal but he didnt kill anyone,ali is still alive,she had a twin siter courtney who was insane,but se lived in a mental home so NOBODY ever new about her…somehow courtney swiotched places with ali n ali was now in the mental hospital,since they were twins the liars didnt notice,courtney pretended to be ali n wrote all the liars secrets down in her diary,one day the real ali came back and killed COURTNEY THATS WHOS BODY THEY FOUND,ali read the diary n learned the liars secrets..then at first mona was -A but when mona dies (somehow thats one thing i dnt know) ali becomes -A and stalks the liars.,.ppl say she kills mona,jenna,and tobi,but idk about that,ialso dont knnow if jason knows about ali being alive or if he knows about courtney but he probably does.

  • Emma

    I hope Jason and aria stay together!! I love them andi hope it’s not just a fling. And I find Ezra super creepyy!! I mean teachers went sposed to date students and it’s doenst make it better that he isn’t her teacher anymore! He is still WAY older than her. Jason and aria all the way!!!

  • Jaria

    wow… Jason is an UNDERWEAR MODEL in real life and you crazy people are saying that a person who is interested in young girls(creeepppeeeerrr) who looks like a fish is hotter? WOW is all i can say. And why would you stop watching the show? Thats friggen dumb, if you were a true fan you wouldnt quit on the show just because Aria has a new guy. At least give JARIA a chance! i know im prob gonna get alot of thumbs down, but think about it really. the people who say they wont watch the show may have a hissy fit when you see aria and jason kiss, then its all gonna be better with ezria. marlene king probably had it going in a different direction but then you people who wont give poor jason a chance, you ruined it with dumb twitter posts saying that you wont watch her show if it doesnt go your way. sorry for the longness i have been seeing comments hatin on jaria and im getting peeved off!!!

  • David

    If Aria has a “fling” with Jason and cheats on Ezra, I will lose so much respect for her.
    I have 0 respect for people who cheat. I would never cheat on someone and if I had to cheat, it wouldn’t be cheating because I would end the relationship before hand and when I’m telling them I’m ending it that’s when I think about whether or not cheating is the right decision.
    She was so much more controlling over Ezra then Ezra was about her, and now she’s the first one to go off with another guy she told him not to worry about. I would not take her back if I knew. A real man doesn’t cheat, and a real lady shouldn’t cheat either.

  • Andrea

    I Don’t like Aria and Ezra’s relationship at all! the whole teacher/student thing? I mean seriously! I hope Jason and Aria get together…and stay together!:) who cares if a few people quit watching 😛 no big deall! :))

  • Hayley

    No! They have to stay together! They are soul mates~

  • Jason

    In reality everyone finds it sick when a teacher dates a student. Somehow, its okay on the show? Im looking forward to Jason and Aria pairing, I always hated Ezra and her anyway. Shes suppose to be 16, 17 on the show, hes in his mid 20s and is a TEACHER. I wont go back to watching the show if they break Aria and Ezra up, and then put them back together. Team Aria needs a boyfriend her own age!!

  • Blob

    OMG!!!! I hate Aria and Ezra!! They are way too complicated and have too many fights, butI think Aria and Jason would be adorable!!

  • Anonymous

    apparantly Aria and Jason have a short fling in episode 7, but I heard that aria and ezra get really close in episode nine 😉

    • Anonymous

      How close do they get ? please tell !

  • tatum

    I heard that jason and aria will ave a thing but aria and ezra end up back together in season 2 episode 9 and they have a special moment that will make you jump from your couch 😉 so just relax people

  • Michelle

    My friends & I only watch the show because of Ezra & Aria !
    If they break them up, we won’t watch the show anymore !!!
    Put Jackie & Jason together, I don’t care !
    But leave Aria and Ezra together !!!!

  • Emma

    Worst Idea! No! I will stop watching the show if they break up and my friends say the same!

  • Jenna

    I will no longer watch if they break up Aria and Ezra.

  • Ezria

    No! Don’t stop the Ezria LOOOOVE! They are amazing together and one of the sweetest couples <3

    AND Mr Fitz is WAY hotter

    • Jason

      You’re crazy

    • Emma

      Wtf, Jason was an UNDERWEAR MODEL!!! Was Ezra? No? I didn’t think so!! Maria all the way

      • Emma

        I mean jason and aria

  • kristen

    ewwww! jason isn’t even cute. mr fitz on the other hand…

  • Kasey

    If they break up, I will seriously stop watching the show…

  • Anna

    OMG I really don’t know if this is good or not right now to me NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!

  • sweet and sour

    If they break up,I will send a long heartfelt letter to writers and directors ( and author of books) and curse them out on Youtube , but even then I won’t be happy…

    • 4eva

      NOOOOOOOO! I’m not sure I can watch, without Ezra and Aria together!!