Are Demi Lovato and JoJo Doing a Duet? Yes, Please!

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Somebody, tell us this will come true! In an interview with our friends over at J-14, R&B singer JoJo admits that she wouldn’t mind doing a duet… with Demi Lovato! This almost sounds as good as the Britney/Selena collab. Almost.

So what else did JoJo reveal to the mag?

“I love Demi, and I’ve actually thought about doing a duet. I’m excited for her to come back because I don’t think enough people know how great of a singer she is.”

Check out the rest of the exclusive at!

What do you think of a JoJo/Demi duet? Are you finally ready for another JoJo album? Send your thoughts our way in the comments!

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Diamond

    whuuut why am i just now seeing this ?!?!?! BOTH MY HEROS 😮 this NEEDS to happen ! im so happy Jo said that about Demi 😀 it made my day !

  • selena

    demi u are beautiful girls love u

  • Mse

    Also cuz they r my 2 biggest idols soo . Im excited now :)

  • Mse

    That would be awwwwsome !!

  • Dani

    “This almost sounds as good as the Britney/Selena collab. Almost” BAD COMPARISON. Insulting for Demi and JoJo. Britney lip-syncs and Selena is awful singing live, on the other hand Demi and Jojo have amazing voices – and I mean, live, not in autotuned albums.

  • Endiya

    I can bet that, that duet would be gr8. They are both very talented singers, and a song with each other would sound awesome. If they do ever do a duet, I wanna make sure I hear it… would be awesome if they did a whole album 2gether! Jojo is one of my favorite singers, and they both have a strong beutifull voice.

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  • Sophie

    UAU.. very perfect

  • Nicole

    they are very talented

  • Sarah

    I loved this!

  • Brenda

    would be incredible!