Teen.com Endorses: Monte Carlo! Here’s Five Reasons Other than Selena and Cory You Need To See It

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Imagine you’re on vacay with your besties when you’re suddenly mistaken for someone else – but not just anyone else. People actually think you’re a wealthy British heiress/slash/tabloid queen. Before you’re able to reveal your true identity, you’re swept away to Monte Carlo where you’re destined to get into all types of trouble!

Sound fun? It is. Especially when it involves said awesome adventure with Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester, Katie Cassidy, and Cory Monteith. And if that isn’t enough to reel you in to see their new flick, Monte Carlo (in theaters July 1), here’s 5 more little reasons you’re gonna love it…

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MORE: Watch a clip of Selena in Monte Carlo.

1. Monte Carlo is gorgeous. Maybe not as gorgeous as the stars in the movie, but the city, Monte Carlo, is in Monaco and literally looks straight off of a postcard. After seeing this movie, you’ll want to visit ASAP. But if you can’t, a quick trip to the movie theater will also do the trick.

2. Katie Cassidy is hilar! She made us laugh so hard while playing Emma, who’s basically a Texan Barbie doll, that we could barely stay in our seats since we were ROFL.

3. Selena Gomez plays two characters. And no, she’s not pulling any wizardry on us. Sel plays Grace, a young girl on vacation with her step-sister and best friend, as well as Cordelia, a British heiress. Who wouldn’t want to watch Selena fight with someone who looks exactly like her? Because it is her. Get it?

4. It’s a fun trip/adventure you’ve always wanted to go on with your besties. And the movie made us want to book a trip to England to have someone mistake us for the amazingly gorg Kate Middleton. Just sayin’.

5. The clothes. Selena, Leighton and Katie’s characters get to dress up in some seriously haute couture. And wear a million+ dollar necklace. And attend a fabulous ball in their honor. ‘Nuff said.

Monte Carlo is in theaters July 1! Will you see it? Who are you most excited to watch — Leighton, Selena, Katie or Cory? Tell us in the comments!

EXCLUSIVE: Monte Carlo’s Cory Monteith says he’s still looking for the one…but already knows how he’s going to propose!

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  • Anonymous

    i loved the movie and would love to see selena gomez

  • leah xx

    loved the film leighton looked beautifull in it x

  • june

    same here sarah! =) seeing this for CORY MONTEITH!

    • Psds

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  • sarah

    seeing this movie for cory and cory only
    no regrets