Selena, Leighton & Katie’s Monte Carlo Clothes: Basically a Dream You Never Want to Wake Up From (Video and Pics)

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Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester, and Katie Cassidy’s new movie might take place in, um, Monte Carlo(!), but besides the dream vacation in an amazing location, it’s really a movie that’s All. About. The Clothes.

Okay, so there’s also that trip of a lifetime part and the part where Selena’s character Grace gets mistaken as a wealthy British heiress, Cordelia Winthrop Scott — which brings us to the clothes part. After Grace ends up in Cordelia’s posh suite, she finds her trunks full of incredible clothing.

Yeah, these clothes are basically every girl’s fantasy, which is why we got an exclusive interview with Shay Cunliffe, the stylist from the film. Click on to see pics of the major fashion from Monte Carlo and check out the clip to get an inside look! And don’t forget to check out Monte Carlo, in theaters now!

Monte Carlo

Photo: Horricks/Twentieth Century Fox

Monte Carlo

Photo: Horricks/Twentieth Century Fox

Monte Carlo

Photo: Horricks/Twentieth Century Fox

Monte Carlo

Photo: Horricks/Twentieth Century Fox

Monte Carlo

Photo: Horricks/Twentieth Century Fox

Monte Carlo

Photo: Horricks/Twentieth Century Fox

So, which outfit from the film is your fave? Which character’s style would you want to steal? Sound off in the comments.

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  • ®å¥ñbøwh

    does anyone know where i can get the necklace? at least its name and which collection? its for my sister’s wedding .

    • Kama

      Kudos to Harpers for keeping her nataurl and lovely. They seemed to be sensitive to her shyness , but glammed her just enough to make a stunning statement. She is a Star and will absolutely shine on stage!

  • Phumla

    Wow I love Katie’s mustard dress in the movie, anyone has an idea of where to get the dress?

  • candi79

    The black bag she’s carrying in the restroom shot does anyone know what kinda bag that is???

  • Olivia

    I love the movie and what leighton wears and what i really want to know is where did she get that button up dress from??? I love that so much that im going crazy for it!!!

  • Joy

    I loved the movie! Leighton Meester’s outfits were my favorites! Does anyone know who made the blue canvas jacket that Leighton Meester wore in some of the Paris scenes? I really like it. Thanks!

  • chris

    A bit of a randam question, but i have a party coming up and it is a Monte Carlo theme,can anyone suggest what would be good for a man to wear

  • Werejin

    Does elena read these if she does Selena come to edmonton Alberta Canada and i want to be a singer sence i was 7 or 8 years old

  • Werejin

    I LOVE THIS MOVIE i always loved Selena Gomez she is my favorite I always wanted to be like her a singer i am really good but i live in Edmonton.Selena can you make me a singer that will be great

  • Anonymous

    i love this movie Monte Carlo i wanted to watch sence the movie trailor came out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jen

    Where can you buy a skirt like Katie Cassidy’s white floral one?

    • Werejin

      i know

    • Kels

      You can try charlette russe wet seal or forever 21 i see alot of that style of shirt in those stores

  • izzy

    Does anyone know where to find leighton meester’s striped top?

  • bella

    I LOVE monte carlo it was such a good movie. their dresses were so pretty. my favorite dress was grace dress.

  • Bubbles

    This movie is pretty good I like it

  • Makelle

    Where is that salmon dress that Leighton Meester wears over her swimsuit from?

    • danni

      I need to know too! It was so gorgeous! I loved the swimsui she wore underneath too

      • Annie Laurie

        I need to know where to purchase that dress! :)

  • Katy

    Who made the darling dress that leighton is wearing in the trunk photo?????