10 Things To Know About Pretty Little Liars Newest Hottie Drew Van Acker

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ABC Family

So if it’s not already completely obvs, we’ll tell you. We’re totally obsessed with Pretty Little Liars! With that said, we happen to notice everything about the show, like even the fact that this season, Alison’s brother Jason was re-casted. But we’re happy about that, because that means we get to stare at Drew Van Acker and those steamy abs for an hour every single Tuesday. The ABC Family god are shining down on us.

Don’t have a clue who Drew is? Click on to get 10 facts about this hottie!

Drew Van Acker

1. Drew was born in 1986, making him smokin' hot at 25.

Photo: Listal.com

Drew Van Acker

2. Drew moved around a lot from birth until he was 10 years old.

Photo: INFdaily.com

Drew Van Acker

3. Drew got in acting through drama classes in his high school.

Photo: ABC Family

Drew Van Acker

4. Drew was on both the soccer and lacrosse teams in high school.

Photo: INFdaily.com

Drew Van Acker

5. Drew got really good at soccer and went to Towson University in Maryland on a soccer scholarship.

Photo: ABC Family

Drew Van Acker

6. Drew loved acting so much that he took a ton of theater classes at Towson.

Photo: Top News

Drew Van Acker

7. Drew moved to NYC right after college.

Photo: New York Post

Drew Van Acker

8. Drew wound up leaving NYC almost right away and decided to make his move to L.A.

Photo: B1 Model Management

Drew Van Acker

9. Drew replaced Parker Bagley as Jason DiLaurentis on Pretty Little Liars.

Photo: ABC Family

Drew Van Acker

10. Drew briefly appeared on Greek, another ABC Family show, before heading to Rosewood.

Did you know who Drew was before he appeared as Jason on PLL? Do you think Drew is a total hottie, too? Were any of these facts surprising? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Jackie

    Hi I have a Question I read that Drew Van Acker was discovered in Proscout. Is this true??


    HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO DAMN HOT, he is hundred times better than the old jason from season one :L DO NOT LEAVE PLL ANDREW yhur an amazing actor 😀 iloveyoou andrew , <3

  • marlyyyluvztheDrewVanAcker

    I luv him wen I first saw him on tower prep I knew the show would be fantastic and it was one of my favorites and then he appears on my next fav show its kismet <3 <3 <3

  • emie

    Drew/jason is the hottest!he should end up with aria they look so good together. specially his mysterious sexy type of personality its just sooo…. amazing!

  • David Hewitt

    Poor news – Syria’s ‘mutilation mystery’ increases…

  • Maddie

    In my opinion, Drew is quite princely looking in his fancy hair get-up on his fashion modeling, and as Jason on Pretty Little Liars. I had two dreams about him I can tell. My first one about him was when I had been saved by the PLL recurring hottie while he spent his summer on lifeguard duty, and he took me to a five-star island resort at Palm Springs to be safe. I felt his muscles as he was saving me. He was so gentle, even my friends were pleased to thank him. My second one was when he drove to my house, and he and my dad washed their cars and I helped them with it. Not that I have a crush on Drew because I know he’s 25 in real life. And of course, Drew and I did some housework together, and as we were, he accidentally cut himself, but I made it better putting zinc-filled ointment on it, wiping off the blood, and put a turquoise green bandage on it to match his eyes. Then he said I should go to medical school, and I giggled a bit, and told him he’s so funny. And I guess that’s all the stories I can share from it. And surely I’ll always idolize him with charm. That’s everything.

  • bamboodo

    calm down, guys!!!! i know he has great abs, but could u please ask urself?, who is the hottest bwt all the guys in Pretty Little Liars? definitely our bad teacher ,Ian Harding (aka Ezra Fitz). that’s why Aria chooses him!

    • love_spencer

      Its not only his abs!!!! Its all of him< and anyone would be blind to think that ian harding is even half as hot as drew!! plus i think its a bad example to have a movie where a student hooks up with her teacher and mad make it look like its fine!!

  • nikki calloway


  • Mrs. Van Acker

    Drew is so fine. If I were Aria, I would forget about Ezra and and get with this new Jason! He is so sexy its almost criminal. He’s like a cross between Bradd Pitt and Tom Cruise, then multiplied by infinty. God, I would love to have him be mine forever. And did you see his abs? Only other person who can ever match up to Drew, is Taylor Lautner! The 2 sexiest men of all time!!!

    Love, Loving you drew

  • Anonymous

    i know right

  • jessica

    i can,t belive the guy on tower prep is in pretty little liars

  • Tower Prep should still be on the air

    Tower Prep should still be on the air, that is where this guy needs to be, that show was creative and an interesting and original plot, not the same old tween trash that is Pretty Little Liars

    • j

      Tower prep is cancelled

    • Cassie, Nicole

      I So Agree with you that “Tower Prep” should still be on the Air! But Pretty Little Liars is a Good Show!

    • marlyyyluvztheDrewVanAcker

      It should still be on air it was really great compared to the rival show house of Anubis or unnatural history

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  • Sarah Shure

    He was actually on the Cartoon Network show “Tower Prep” before Pretty Little Liars.

  • Anisha

    of course I knew him from before! He was & I’m pretty site is still currently on Tower Prep! :) & i freakin loveee him!!!

    • Anisha


      • cheley

        yea i saw him on tower prep and the lake i love those abs

      • Cat

        He’s the hottest person in the whole world!!!