Must-Watch Vid: Taylor Lautner’s Pretty Much the Hottest Corn Farmer. Ever.

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Taylor Lautner, we didn’t know you had it in you! Actually. We did. After his SNL skit in 2009, we’ve been waiting to see what hilar item TayTay would come out with next. And he definitely didn’t disappoint. In a Funny or Die “sequel” to the movie, Field of Dreams, Taylor plays an Iowa corn farmer who hears voices… and builds a football field. Trust us, you’ll want to watch it. At least for the biceps (though we warn you: they’re not Taylor’s unfortch).

Get ready to ROFL at this vid!

What did you think of the spoof? Was Taylor funnier here or on SNL? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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  • Jenny

    Funny as hell!!!.. But i just cant stop looking at that biceps of his B-) 😛

  • Bre Sunshine

    bahahahaha thats hilarious!!!!! i live in iowa actually. i almost died when he said “no…. this is iowa” !!!!! 😀

  • Future Mrs. Lautner

    Really funny he looks sooo hot & sexy.
    ps was he married on the video???????????

  • mibkanija

    lalalala singing

  • Rachel

    LOL i live in Iowa.

    • Bre Sunshine

      really me too! wat part u from?

  • julie

    he wasnt funny , but he was sure as hell sexy.