This Can’t Be Happening: Lea, Cory, and Chris Cut From Glee Season 4!

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Um, we guess we should’ve seen this coming with the news of the impending Glee graduation at the end of the coming season, but somehow we didn’t think our faves leaving the show would be real. Now it just become a whole lot more real with the sad, sad news that Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith will be among three of the gleeks not returning for the fourth season.

Ok, Ryan Murphy, this is going to require some explaining…

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Ryan said those three are getting cut because:

“You can keep them on the show for six years and people will criticize you for not being realistic, or you can be really true to life and say when they started the show they were very clearly sophomores and they should graduate at the end of their senior year.”

He also said that “more characters are leaving than are staying” and that we’ll find out exactly who’s in and who’s out on the season premiere on Tuesday, September 20.

Are you going to miss Rachel, Kurt and Finn? How do you hope their storylines end? And which other gleeks do you hope don’t graduate this year? Tell us right here!

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  • TheBiggestGleek

    Well obviously Kurt can’t be off the show FOR GOOD because Blaine is only a junior so if Blaine stays, Klaine stays. So there. Take that Fox!

  • TheBiggestGleek

    Well obviously Kurt can’t be off the show FOR GOOD because Blaine is only a junior so if Blaine stays, Klaine stays.

  • enuj12

    everyone, i think i know what they’re plan is..
    but maybe it is..
    “..they’ll gonna give us lots of heartbreaks so that
    we will be disappointed from glee’s 1st batch
    and as a result, we will watch the 2nd batch
    hoping that it’s better than the first batch..”
    it’s awful..
    but whatever they do..
    they will never ever replace
    glee’s 1st batch in my heart..
    they are totally irreplaceable…
    i just don’t understand why they need
    to give us these disappointing news
    and articles…

  • enuj12

    ..i’m so depressed..
    cutting off the best charactersof glee?(Lea,cory,dianna,chris,puck..)
    i understand that it should be realistic, but
    the impact among the fans is terrible…
    (i’m about to cry while i’m reading these disappointing

  • lance dayao

    i hate! the director of glee! why did he take the best character of glee finn rachel and kurt u can take sam instead

  • Kaela

    Were losing some of the best characters in glee. Right after Finn and Rachel get back together, and Blaine tells Kurt he loves him how will you end the season. They are truly going tobe missed these new characters have some huge shoes to fill!!!!!!

  • Yancy

    I’ve heard that actually everyone is leaving. Quinn, Kurt, Artie, Rachel, Finn, Brittany, Puck, Mercedes, Tina, Santana & Mike are graduating on season 3. Sam is only gonna be on some episodes. I think the first ten but I don’t know. Mr. Shue, Sue amd Emma sre staying because they work in the school.

  • me

    the best people are leaving

  • ines

    i just have to say that my hope was that the show evolve to the jorney of rachel, kurt, blaine and maybe jesse and finn, in NYC.

    And my hopes are still high because that would be a great show. of course the other characters sometime would join them but that would be my dream

    so please cam we make this happen?

  • Johana

    That suck! this canĀ“t be really happen!
    Glee is going down and bad D:
    I cant imagine glee without Rachel, Finn our Kurt.

  • Bridget

    As Long As Chord Overstreet (Sam) doesnt leave i could care less who else leaves!!

    • Tom

      Cord isnt coming back in season 3.. at least.. that’s what i’ve heard.

  • Fay Monteith

    cory monteith leaving?! ive been crying.. glee wont be the same without him :(

  • Amy

    Whaaaat?! No the show is gonna be dumb then its all about Fin and Rachel. Rachel Berry is the star.

  • TheBiggestBeyonceFan

    OMG, i’m gonna Mis them there my Faves :(