From Our BFFS: Is Justin Bieber Retiring Already?!

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No, guys. False alarm. Phew! Our fave Canadian Justin Bieber is only taking some time off to actually get to be a teen and enjoy his summer. So, when will he be coming back?! [Hollywire]

Want the dish on Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber‘s relationship? Then this isn’t the interview for you. But, it’s still worth watching cause Sel answered a ton of fan Q’s! [JSYK]

Speaking of answering fan Q’s, want the chance to live chat with Demi Lovato TONIGHT?! [Cambio]

Are you planning on going to any concerts like, maybe, Taylor Swift‘s this summer? Uh, you might want to read these tips first… [ELLEgirl]

Looks like Miley Cyrus could be joining Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis at the Marine Corps Ball. Yup, she also got asked! Now, where’s our invite? [J-14]

It’s seemingly over for Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio! Why? His mom was so not a fan. Clearly she doesn’t watch Gossip Girl… [Posh24]

Tumblr just got a whole lot cooler now that we know Lucy Hale and Debby Ryan are just two of like, a thousand celebs we can stalk follow. Yes! [Seventeen]

For a teacher like Pretty Little Liars‘ Ezra, we’d gladly stay afterschool any and everyday. And these super hot pics of Ian Harding just made us wish we attended Rosewood High, too! [Just Jared Jr.]

Whoa! Are Pauly D and Deena the new couple to watch out for on Jersey Shore?! And here we thought he was saving himself for us. Hmph. [Wetpaint]

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  • mayoucha

    yea!!zaeh is right!! soo much people love him!! he can’t retire already!!! it’s gonna be a real problem! he changed alot! since when he doesn’t care about his fans! we wish the old justin was back!

  • zaeh martin

    well i guess its ur choice huhhh

  • zaeh martin

    Thats CRAZY!!! you know how many ppl love him:p

  • Cami Beem

    U know, I luv Justin. Probably would go on to b a legend or something. Him and Selena r such a cute couple. I want whatever is best for him. Being 13 years old and livin in a small town, I wouldnt know what its like to b famous. I mean, paparazzi following ur every move. Its hard. Justin, do what ur heart desires. If this is what u want for urself, then its what u want. I will always remember the Justin that only cared about his fans, wanted to write songs and make money for his own family. The Justin that inspired every girl and guy in the nation. If he does retire, thats the Justin I will remember. Not the Justin that, carries spiders in his hands, and wears skull clothing everyday of his life. I miss that purple luvin, girl huggin, Justin. Sorry, but it hurts to c tht he changed. He has moved on. Him and Selena will probably have an amazing life together. I hope he knows what he is doing to the girls and guys he inspires. Cuz, this isnt the Justin I thought I knew.

  • tyra


  • ana



    Retiring ? haha scare me !!

  • mya

    dont u

  • mya

    chris brown looks so ugly in that pic i just hate it when celebs do that