Lunchtime Poll: Which Snow White Are You More Excited to See?

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It’s the battle of Taylor Lautner‘s loves! We asked you before who makes a better Snow White between TayTay’s on-screen love Kristen Stewart and real-life GF Lily Collins, but now we’ve got pics to help you decide! It’s obvs that Snow White and the Huntsman and The Brothers Grimm: Snow White are going for two totally different POVs. Hello, K.Stew’s wielding a sword, while Lil’s decked out in Alice in Wonderland-colored garb.

But we want your opinion. Which Snow White are you more excited for? Who makes for a better SW — Kristen or Lily? Look at the pics, then cast your vote!

Kristen Stewart as Snow White

Photo: Universal Pictures

Lily Collins as Snow White

Photo: Relativity Media

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  • Yusuf

    this dress is so ****U-G-L-Y****If she picked it this dress out and bout it she must have been alone. Bring a fnreid next time shopping! cause anyone being honest would tell her she looks terrible in that dress ,and if shes playing snow white loose the tan and die your hair black cause right now you look nothing like what i imagine snow white to look like.

  • summer

    lily collins look more enchanting and more beautiful.

  • teenage dream:)

    kristen stewart’s it looks cooler

  • keke

    Kristen stewarts!DUH!!!!!! I don’t care if I’m a girl and I where dresses but that is such a stupid stereotype. I can assure you I won’t be seeing lily collins it’ll just be another alice in wonderland. Plus I strongly despise lily because she’s dating taylor. I love you taylor

  • KTB

    Definitely Kristen Stewart’s. I know people are skeptic about it because of her acting in Twilight, but it looks Kick Ass.