Robert Pattinson In a Three-Piece Suit in His New Movie? We. Are. In. (Video)

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With all the hype surrounding Breaking Dawn at Comic-Con and stuff, it’s easy to forget that actually, Robert Pattinson has another movie coming out soon. It’s called Bel Ami, and who knew that RPattz actually looked hotter in a three-piece suit than he does sparkling in the sunlight as a vampire?! We do after watching the official trailer. The movie kind of reminds us of Titanic but in Paris rather than on a sinking ship, and since that’s like, our fave period piece ever, we’re in.

Are you?! Watch the trailer!

MORE: RPattz Spills Breaking Dawn Deets!

Bel Ami comes out October 2011! Are you pumped? Think Rob will be good in the flick? Tell us in the comments!

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6 Responses to "Robert Pattinson In a Three-Piece Suit in His New Movie? We. Are. In. (Video)"

    Anonymous says:

    lol they r soo cute togerther.. meaning robert and kirstern honestly cuter than justinand selena!

    Alanis !!!!!!!!! says:

    He is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ugg says:

    why does he always have to ruin good movies with his bad acting and ugly face and bald spot.

    Isabella says:

    He is so HOT in this trailer, in my opinion from the little I have seen
    he is extremely good in this, I think this will be a breakout role from the
    Twilight movies….He could seduce me anytime, anywhere…Love him..

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