30 Days With Zendaya, Day 28! What’s Zendaya’s Family Like?

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Feel like you know, like, EVERYTHING about Zendaya thanks to 30 Days With Zendaya?! Well, ya probably do. But we still have a few days left, and we’re taking this opportunity to tell you all about something that hasn’t come up yet: Zendaya’s family. She even admits to being the “coolest auntie ever!”

Find out why in episode 28!

Do you have older siblings and/or nieces and nephews? What’s your family like? Tell us here!

And make sure to check back EVERY DAY for the month of July at 3pm EST for more of 30 Days With Zendaya!

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17 Responses to "30 Days With Zendaya, Day 28! What’s Zendaya’s Family Like?"

  1. Teen.com
    Calvin washington says:

    Your so beautiful zendaya remember it’s me

  2. Teen.com
    maul says:

    love how you sing…… k den

  3. Teen.com
    Calvin washington says:

    Zendaya I think you are beautiful and funny this is all coming from a 14year old

  4. Teen.com
    Takeera says:

    It would be weird if one of Zendaya’s nephews was older than her. Can you be an auntie with nephews and nieces that are older than you?

    • Teen.com
      Evelyn says:

      Yes, you can have a neice or nephew older than you if one of your sibling is much older and they have a child before you’re born.

  5. Teen.com
    Danyella says:

    i love u Zendaya. Your my role model.

  6. Teen.com
    Becky ye says:

    omg u look beter in peraon wow!

  7. Teen.com
    Marie says:

    I wish my auntie was as cool as you! JK, I love mine : )

  8. Teen.com
    Peyton says:

    I love u zendaya u are the most beautiful person tht god has made and i have seen litteraly dont forget to smile:)

  9. Teen.com
    Autumn says:

    I have always wanted to meet Zendaya Coleman! I am a big fan. You are really nice. Bye

  10. Teen.com
    jazzy says:

    i love zendaya

  11. Teen.com
    twoco says:

    i think zendaya is so hot

  12. Teen.com
    Kayla says:

    love zendaya!!!!

  13. Teen.com
    shanique says:

    fuck zendaya she so fake has hell

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