From Our BFFs: Are You Excited For Demi Lovato’s Live Comeback Performance?

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We’re pretty confident that Demi Lovato‘s comeback performance is going to be epic. Especially since it’s going to be at this year’s Do Something Awards ceremony! How apropos. [Just Jared Jr.]

Lady Gaga was spotted crying over a guy… on last night’s ep of So You Think You Can Dance. Trust us, if you watch his performance, you’ll tear a little too. [4TNZ]

Is Jasmine V dancing-off against… herself? Sure looks like it in her new “Werk” music vid. [JSYK]

The Smurfs. Jessica Rabbit. The Simpsons. We never realized it ’til just now, but Katy Perry is really into cartoons. [ELLEgirl]

Looks like we got ourselves a situation. Someone was arrested at the Jersey Shore house this weekend. Again. [Wetpaint]

Wanna know what it’s like to vacation with Cory Monteith? Now you can! And it’s just as beautiful as we thought it would be. Le sigh. [Cambio]

From Lucy Hale and Ian Harding on Pretty Little Liars to Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Twilight, check out the TV/movie couples who put Romeo & Juliet to shame. [Seventeen]

Not only does Leighton Meester have a killer sense of style, she tries to save lives too! [Posh24]

Love is in the air for our fave mini-fashionista, Chloe Moretz. We’re used to seeing her kicking ass, but this mag cover is too precious for words. [Hollywire]

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11 Responses to "From Our BFFs: Are You Excited For Demi Lovato’s Live Comeback Performance?"

    juwairiyah R. says:

    LISTEN EVERYONE i dont like demi lovato anymore
    because she has been on DRUGS and so has miley cyrus and
    i dont care if i get a HATE?? #
    but its the TRUTH please understand!!

    Alyssa says:

    Hey demi wow it’s to bad u left sonny with a chance it was a really cool show wow I think ur really pretty n a good actress n ya haha :) <33

    DemiFan says:

    you people are mean, she is great and a lot of people like her so stop with rude comments

    kaylee says:

    ughh ppl only like her cuz shes famous she soooo freakin weird!! :P :P

    bridget says:

    shes a SUPER FREAK!!!

    cameron says:

    nobody likes her

    kat says:

    IKR!! im with you demi hater!!!

    demi hater says:

    demi lovato………really? that emo thing??? she actually thinks that shes liked?? wow she has some probs :P

      kat says:

      ohh and shes also and shes really a loser because she left “sonny with a chance” and now her old cast moved to make a wholeee better show called “so random” awesome show btw :)

      me says:

      On Z100 She was joking about her eating disorder.
      “Yeah! I love enchiladas and now I can eat them and they’ll stay down!” I get that people support her, but she is using too much of the attention. She got out of rehab because apparently she’s okay, so stop treating her like she needs every second of your life. I support her, and so shoud you, but it seems like all of the attention towards her is making her think that she’s perfectly okay. Normally, someone with the same problems would be there for a year, maybe more. Since she’s a celebrity, she got out within months. We <3 You, Demi! Just not with everything we have.

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