OMG, Demi Lovato & Justin Bieber May Do A Duet. Biggest. Deal. Ever!

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Nobody pinch us because this would be the most perfect dream ever. As we all know, Demi Lovato‘s been working nonstop on her upcoming album, hitting up the recording studio with Timbaland and Sebastian. And one of those dudes just had to mention the most tease-inducing info ever — a “super duet” could be in the process! When one fan guessed it would be with Justin Bieber, Sebastian responded…

MORE: And the release date for Demi Lovato’s album is….

…with this:

“@AndreaLovesSwag u said justin bieber that is a very very good guess.”

It’s obvs that either Demi’s going to record the best track we’ve ever heard with Justin OR someone very close to him. We’d totally settle for another collab with Selena Gomez. That would be perfectly acceptable.

Imagine a Demi/Justin duet! Think it could happen? If not, who could Sebastian be talking about? Take a guess in the comments!

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  • hannah

    i think that she should do a duet with jutin because i would pay tosee that. and demi would never take justin from slena because best friends dont do that to each other.

  • amya

    u guys are mean all she wants to do is to have a duet with JB

    • hannah

      i agree with you on that because they should just leave it alone and drop it.

  • sally

    she just wants 2 hav a duet with JB so leav her alone

  • sally

    OMG m extremely not happy


    OMG m extremely happy!

  • nena


  • nena


  • nena

    i hpe selena gets save because demi lovato is going to take jb

    • sally

      what the f**k no she wont girl

  • someone

    Selena only helped Demi get recognized. Everything else she did herself.
    And she went to rehab because she wanted to fix her problems so she didn’t have time for the show. Stop blaming her. Are you really that mean to say all those things just because she wants to have a duet with Justin Bieber?

    • amya

      what i said there is nothing wrong with that

  • Ash

    Not least I dunt think so!
    Interesting…could be Sel though, that be great! =)

  • xoxo

    i think he is talking about justin bieber

  • Rick

    @paul, you sound foolish. Skyscraper sold over a 100k first week with little promotion. It’s safe to say she brought her own career back.

  • Lily

    It could be Usherrr;)

    • Anonymous

      Ahh, awesome guess — we would totally accept that too :)

  • paul

    Demi Lovato creating something yourself?
    Selena Gomez helps her get the role in Camp Rock … otherwise no one would know who Demi Lovato, then they screwed up their own Disney series and now she needs the help of Justin Bieber for new start?

    • Patrice

      Yup and she not a big disney star no more any cause she aint on sonny with a chance! I think selena gomez took her spotlight and bridgit mendler is really big star cuz of lemonade mouth, good luck charlie and Her role as juilet on wizards of waverly place.

      • amya