From Our BFFs: Is Justin Bieber Playing Matchmaker for Kim Kardashian’s Little Sis?

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Looks like Justin Bieber is trying to set up one of his boys with Kendall Jenner. Her response? Only if JB joins them with his girlfie, Selena Gomez. Guys, can we triple? [JSYK]

Speaking of the Jenners, it’s the youngest one’s birthday today. Happy Birthday, Kylie! But wait, she’s how old?! [Wetpaint]

Snooki‘s prob not one to care what we say about her sense of fashion. But in this case we just have to ask: Is this look something you’d pick? Or totally ick? [4TNZ]

This High School Musical stud will be coming to theaters… in 3D! Please be Zac Efron. [Just Jared Jr.]

We may be seeing a lot less of this Pretty Little Liars girl because she’s about to cause trouble on The Vampire Diaries. And we’re sort of OK with that. [Posh24]

The Lying Game hasn’t even started yet, but we’re already getting excited. Maybe that’s because Blair Redford‘s playing the mysterious hot guy. Again (remember him on 90210?!). [Seventeen]

Doesn’t it seem like Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde are basically everywhere nowadays? Well, you’re about to see a whole lot more of them. Nah. We’re so not complaining either. [Hollywire]

Taylor Swift‘s apparently a big fan of P!nk and old school TLC. How do we know? [Popdust]

So Joe Jonas‘ new single, “Love Slayer,” just came out today, and people already want to remix it. But this time, it’s YOU who could be doing it. [Cambio]

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6 Responses to "From Our BFFs: Is Justin Bieber Playing Matchmaker for Kim Kardashian’s Little Sis?"

    Elias says:

    You guys its obviously jtiusn bieber, you people just think that saying its not him is going to make everything rosy BUT GUESS WHAT he has kissed other girls before, deal with it.

    Amy says:

    JB is such a playboy

    Sophie says:

    I think Selena can do alot better and Justin seems like he’s not being the best boyfriend now

    amya says:

    what what happened to selena the love of your love of your life

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