Emma Stone Is Super Cool Now And Guess What? As a Kid, She Felt “Cool As Hell” Too (Exclusive Video)

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You guys, Emma Stone just got a million times cooler. Not just because she plays the ultimate go-against-the-grain girl, Skeeter, in her new movie The Help, but also because she doesn’t believe in being “cool” or “geeky” or an “outsider.” Emma told us that she has a “hard time” classifying people into those different groups, and that she was “cool” for a very unique reason when she was younger. But let’s be honest here. Emma could wear a bag on her head and do a little dance and we’d think it’s the coolest thing ever.

Plus, her co-star (and Twilight star!) Bryce Dallas Howard spills on the 3 high school rules she lived by and um, one of them involves not eating in the cafeteria…

MORE: Watch Emma Stone in The Help Trailer!

The Help is in theaters now! Are you going to see it? Happy to see Emma in a different kind of role? Tell us in the comments!

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5 Responses to "Emma Stone Is Super Cool Now And Guess What? As a Kid, She Felt “Cool As Hell” Too (Exclusive Video)"

  1. Teen.com
    Max says:

    Cuziya is right here next 2 me & she said she loves u

  2. Teen.com
    Bella Thorne says:

    Hey,Emma! How are you? Do you and Penn want to meet at Navy Pier again with Reshan and Adam? We’re going to be there at 2 p.m (Again) But anyway,Zendaya is going to be there,too.Also,we are meeting at the Mc.Donalds inside of Navy Pier! Hope you guys can come.You can Tweet me or Text me if you are coming. Oops! I almost forgot,The only reason we are not there now is because we’re on set and I dont think they are open right now. So,really hope you can come.Bye,now!

    • Teen.com
      Emma Stone says:

      Hey,Bella! I haven’t talked to you in forever! I will be there,but sadly Penn cannot come today. He told me he was sick. But I will definetly be there! Luckily,I am in Chicago right now so I will try to make some time to spend some with you guys! Text me and/or Tweet me when you guys get there. If you want,I will pick you guys up from the set. I also hope I can make it,too. See you soon!

      • Teen.com
        Ubaid says:

        I LOVE four and uriah but mostly four buasece i got to learn about the different sides of him and only uriah in the general sense but i’m closer to uriah in age too just like jiingle so uriah

  3. Teen.com
    vanessa says:

    selena gomez an jostiviver ropieron maineysvanessa betancort

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