Twitter Chatter: The Best Celebrity Twit Pics of the Week

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From young fans trying to get with Selena Gomez to Lea Michele proudly tweeting, “Berry is back!” this week’s Twit Pic collection is eventful, to say the least. Oh, and there’s also a shirtless Glee dude, Demi Lovato lookin’ sexy and Nick Jonas in a suit. Yum.

Click on for this week’s best Twit pics!

Selena Gomez

@selenagomez Cutiessss :)

Lucy Hale

@lucyyhale Twins or lovers?

Lea Michele

@msleamichele #berryisback!!!!!!!!!!!

Miranda Cosgrove

@MirandaCosgrove Being silly on the bus :P #hidingfromtherain

Demi Lovato

@ddlovato Love me some @jOYCEBONELLi!!!

John Stamos

@JohnStamos a pleasure to work with @nickjonas - you're a class act kid.

Kendall Jenner

@KendallJenner Kylie and I on the Glee red carpet

Taylor Momsen

@taylormomsen Lollapalooza mofo's

Bella Thorne

@bellathorne143 Watching the animal show with @JosieCanseco and @jazzlynsworld

Jamie Lynn Spears

@jamielynnspears Look who is opening for my sister!!! #fistpump

Alyson Stoner

@alysonontour Kiki my superlady! Thank you & ALL who contributed to my lovely gift. I'm VERY encouraged by your support! Log

Ashley Benson

@AshBenzo My love @shaymitch


@Zendaya96 signing autographs

Chris Brown

@chrisbrown On my Bart Simpson

Demi Lovato

@ddlovato @selenagomez and I doing the pose we practiced our whole childhood together.. Such dorks. Love it and love you Selena.

Kevin McHale

@druidDUDE i deserve Uncle of the Year!!! thanks @justinbieber for being so cool to take a pic w/ my nieces and nephew

Amber P. Riley

@MsAmberPRiley I spy with my little eye, a munchkin name @msleamichele sneaking in mine and @perezhilton's picture!


@DeenaNicoleMTV Chewyyy.. He's an energizer bunnyy lol


@JoJoistheway Me and Mark Wahlberg!!!! What a nice man. Makes me proud to be a fellow Bostonite :-)

Dan Kanter

@dankanter Solid hang @justinbieber @yaelkanter @scooterbraun #scootersgingerale


@Sn00ki Radio tour with @johnjayandrich

Mark Salling

@Mark_Salling Great times on a Sunday with some great friends

Ariana Grande

@ArianaGrande Here's a photo of me with my @republicrecords contract! Freshly signed. Thank you again @republicrecords. :D ♥

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13 Responses to "Twitter Chatter: The Best Celebrity Twit Pics of the Week"

    kiddia. says:

    follow selena on twitter guys!

    Blah says:

    The ninth photo has a girl Josie canseco and I dance with her. weird day!

    Michelle says:

    Its awsome

    lovely says:

    Adorable!!!( =

    Carolyn says:

    OMG! when i was in line to meet selena gomez i actually hung out with those boys in the first pic! hahaha :D

    kiddia. says:

    selena,lucy,chris brown and bella’s are my favorites. :]

    Michelle says:

    @Keke: Never Say Never …

    @Mrs.BieberBeadles4Eva:do not pay attention to her, she is jealous that at least you CAN dream, never say never >>>>>>future ‘Eva Bieber ‘♥♥

    Michelle says:

    Love the Demi Lovato&Selena Gomez photo
    + hilarisch text, Demi&Sweet

    Olivia Is Awesome says:

    I LOVE ariana!!!!!!!!!!

    keke says:

    shut up mrs bieber u no u never going 2 date him shut up fat A** bit**

    Mrs.BieberBeadles4Eva says:

    Love all These pics!!! Awesome choices guys! :D

      Michelle says:

      do not pay attention to Keke, she is jealous that at least you CAN dream, never say never >>>>>>future ‘Eva Bieber ‘♥♥

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