Are Selena’s Tour Costumes Too Sparkly? Sexy? Slutty? Peep the Pics!

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We already know how awesome Selena Gomez‘s We Own The Night Tour is thanks to this video and this Britney Spears tribute, but we had no idea that the costumes she wore on stage were so — how do we say this — fabulous? Sparkly? Pretty? A little sexy? It’s like she’s trying to make all the Beliebers jealous by saying, “Look at me! I’m so skinny and pretty and look even more amazing in glitter!” Hmph.


WATCH: Is Selena Gomez’s Britney Spears Tribute Too Sexy?

What do you think of Sel’s on-stage looks? Peep the pics below and tell us — are they pretty? A bit too sexy? Too sparkly? Which one’s your fave?

Selena Gomez

Photo: Splash News

Selena Gomez

Photo: Splash News

Selena Gomez

Photo: Splash News

Selena Gomez

Photo: Splash News

Selena Gomez

Photo: Pacific Coast News

Think long and hard and tell us your opinions in the comments!

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131 Responses to "Are Selena’s Tour Costumes Too Sparkly? Sexy? Slutty? Peep the Pics!"

    jordan says:

    She looks gorgeous as always! I love Selena. She’s 19 (well, she was when the pictures were taken) for gods sake! She can’t always be labeled as a “Disney Girl”. Sure, some of the outfits are more “mature” then normal, but she is just growing up. Her boobs aren’t hanging out and her ass isn’t showing, so what’s the big deal? She looks sexy! As I always say “If you got it, flaunt it!” and boy does she have it!

    Jessica says:

    The costumes are cute x3!! Sure, they show a bit, but if you’re that pretty, wouldn’t you want to show off a bit? Lol ;P. Not that slutty though, by the way. She’s like, 19 for crying out loud!! I guess some people think she looks slutty coz she doesn’t usually wear things like this :P. And there are tons, and I mean TONS of other chicks that show way more skin than that!! So if that’s considered slutty, I don’t know what is.

    jazmyne says:

    theres nothing wrong with her outfits she can dress the way she wants to dress.

    jenny says:

    It’s all for Justin Beiber

    Sam says:

    i think they’re pretty and aweomse! it definetly goes with her music.

    Stephanie says:

    I think she looks beautiful especially in the blue outfit.It has been known that during performances you have to stand out and she clearly made a statemnt!I dont know about the veil she wore on her head though in the britney inspired outfit.

    india says:

    I bust all set. :(

    thai says:

    You are a woman who is not pretty

    Danielle says:

    It’s really pretty! but it’s like she’s copying Taylor Swift’s trademark,you know…sparkly dresses? dont you think?

    RockXenon says:

    looks like very much slutty, I think.
    its so not like her…

      Jessica says:

      Not that slutty :\ Besides, how would you know how she’s like or not? Don’t always trust the media (;

    alyssa says:

    i think they look fine. its not as bad as some…….

    Mrs.Beautiful says:

    I think she does it for Justin Beiber cuz she never dressed like that!!!!! :( and in her music video for love u like a love song her image and personallity totally changed

    mystery says:

    It’s not like Selena Gomez

    justme(; says:

    Slutty. (I dont hate her, but i dont love her either.) Her audience is a bunch of 9 year old girls! (okay, not really. my bff likes her and were both 12. but still: COVER UP A LIL! aka a lot.)

    lollipop says:

    she is showing to much her name is not selena its miley cyrus

    lizzy101 says:

    i like selenas outfit she looks good in anything!!!!

    Katie says:

    I think she reveals too much.Cover up people!

    Lesli says:

    I kind of think that Selena’s outifts are a bit to revealing. I liked her better when she had a “good girl” image. I think Justin is changing her a lot.

    Amadi says:

    No I think there kute! She growin up nd dnt wanna be considered a Disney star anymore. she practically an adult.

    LĂ­via says:

    Love Love Love Sel Gomez !!!!!!!!

    TheGossiper says:

    some are too much but I do luv the golden one

    randomgirl123232 says:

    so if u show ur bellybutton thats considered slutty? ever heard of bikinis ppl? everyone shows their naval in those…whats the differince if she wears a costume with her bellybutton showing or a bikini? its not slutty at all so all u haters calm ur shit..

      justme(; says:

      last time i checked, she was showing a whole heck of a lot more than her belly button. (and who would be slutty enough to wear a bikini on stage? just sayin.)

    sabby says:

    I think it’s cute and very attractive :) Katy Perry style don’t ya think

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