Bella Thorne Exclusive, Day 1! Bella Spills Hair and Style Advice (Video)

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Bella Thorne fans, we’ve heard your cries. You wanted us to do a 30 Days With Bella segment like we did with the uber popular 30 Days With Zendaya. And even though we couldn’t get Bella for a full 30 days (she’s busy, people), we snagged her for a full… 3. It’s basically the same number without the zero. So for every day for the rest of the week, we’ll have a new, exclusive Bella vid just for you. Are you so loving us right now or what?!

First things first: Style! Find out what Bella dished to us on her hair routine, her fave accessories, and which other celeb’s style she totally loves!

Do you like Bella’s style? Do you like the way she wears her hair? Tell us in the comments!

And stay tuned for more exclusive Bella Thorne vids at 3pm ET every day for the rest of the week!

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34 Responses to "Bella Thorne Exclusive, Day 1! Bella Spills Hair and Style Advice (Video)"

    Linh says:

    she is so cool!

    lulu says:

    bella u r my role model <3<3<3

    BELLA says:


    Jocelyne says:

    Heyy Bella u r good at singing and acting I’m actually thinking of acting one day I’m trying to get there n I hope meet u one day

    Gwen says:

    love ya bella

    Ferkim says:

    I love you bells Thorne

    amy says:

    she’s really hyper. though not really a pretty face, she’s got great hair:)

    Bunnies says:

    so there is only three days with bella thorne instead of thirty??

    wiktoria says:

    super i love it and i love you to

    Jesi :) says:

    Does anyone know if she puts it in the buns when its wet or dry?

    GRISHMA says:

    hey umm where’s the video of this for today???

    TeenDotComWithBellaThorne says:

    Thankyou guys for your comments. Please understand that they will not be answered. And watch what you say.


    sadie miller says:

    hi i live in hornell and i am ur number one fan i swear

    Shania says:


    breanna says:

    i love shake it up love u rocky {zendaya}

    tashonta says:

    hey bella im a huge fan and was like for u 2 cum c me any time

    sofia says:

    i am your number one 1 fan

    Victoria says:

    To be honest i love Bella but i don’t think it’s right that people have been asking to do a 30 days with bella after the 30 days with zendaya to me it’s copying and i dont think it’s right cuz it’s kinda like she is stealing the spotlight away from Daya and i’m pretty sure Zendaya would like some spotlight to herself but even a 3 days with bella is still kinda copying so yeah i am not hating cuz like i said i am like a huge Bella Thorne and Zendaya fan but i just don’t think its right and after the last 30 days with Zendaya people commented and said “now its only fair that they do a 30 days with bella” and i disagreed but yeah love this video and D.F.T.S-Zendaya quote

      Melissa says:

      U r totally right i mean no offence but bella thorne is kinda annoying & concieted & i think that zendaya should have more of the spotlight

    Annelisr says:

    OMG BELLA I LOVE YOU how r u sooo amazing?! Its my dteam to meet u i luv everything about u ;) <3

    nhasia says:

    i like bella thorne style shes so stylish.

    Anderson Pelaez says:

    Me Gusta Demasiado Bella Thorne Ella Me inspira a Cuidar Animales Y Ser Bailarin Lo Cuall No Me Sale muy Bien Pero de todos Modos Hay Le Ago Boy Muy Bien bueno Gracias Bella Thorne :D

    trish says:

    i completely love her

    Clementine says:

    Dear Bella Thorne,
    My name is Clementine Akards and for my school news paper were trying to get all the juicy gossip on the latest celebs, my fans have a question about your dancing, how long have you been dancing exactly? and the dancers at oakland junior high want to know if your on point (ballet)? answer soon!

    daniela says:

    ok yeah i wanna see the 30 days with zendaya wheres that at and in the next vid of bella can you guys ask her wear she buys her clothes i want them so BAD and ask zendaya :D

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