From Our BFFs: Did Justin Bieber’s YouTube Account Get Hacked?!

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Uh oh. It appears that Justin Bieber‘s YouTube account has been hacked, because all his vids are gone! Somebody better end this apocalypse before we cry ourselves a river. [Posh24]

In case you were too focused on Gaga’s performance and Beyonce’s big news at last night’s VMA’s, rewatch The Hunger Games clip from the show right here! Who’s pumped for March 2012? [J-14]

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato totes reunited at last night’s VMA’s, as did former flames Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner. Think it was awkward? [Just Jared Jr.]

Why was Kim Kardashian‘s new hubby a no-show at the VMA’s? Uh, your guess is as good as anyone else’s. [Wetpaint]

Another lucky guy got to duet with Taylor Swift at one of her “Speak Now” shows and he’s Chord Overstreet‘s brother. Is it weird since Taylor and Chord totally used to hook up date? [JSYK]

You know how celebs get paid six figures to star in movies? They also apparently get paid six figures to not star in movies. Lucky Hilary Duff! [Hollywire]

Guess who’s returning for a new eps on the final season of One Tree Hill? Hint: His initials are CMM. [Cambio]

Ashley Benson claims she had a “gothic phase” when she was in high school. Um, pics please?! [Seventeen]

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  • karry zendaya Barsky

    Justin I luv<3 you so much my pfect sng is all around the wld

  • audrey

    justin bieber is awesome!

    <33iam a totally beliber.
    Next week is our fair so we're about what is the name of our booth so Im am kind of crazy that time and then I suggest something ''Can we name it JUSTIN BIEBALL''?
    So that.Your gonna play basketball and its equal to 40 chits.
    I am sad I lost my 300 chits.

    Its kinda weird.

  • sophie

    people need to stop hacking our accounts cause its getting on my nerves.

    • priscilla

      i know u r so right at least some one understands me :)

    • magz

      that is so true they should stop