Sound-Off Sundays: Fill In the Speech Bubbles for Justin Timberlake, Hilary Duff and More!

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We might not always be able to tell what celebs are thinking based on the pics we see from the paparazzi. But since we had so much fun guessing with our Justin and Selena’s embarrassing pics item, we thought this new feature of ours would be extra fun for readers.

Every Sunday, we’ll compile a gallery of new pics of celebs and fill ‘em in with our ideas on what they might be thinking. Then, you tell us what you would put in their speech bubbles, and we’ll pick our faves from your captions next week!

Ready for round 1?

Vanessa Hudgens

"No Zac. No hair. And I haven't starred in hit movies since HSM. Yep, I think I'm tearing up a little."


Pauly D

"Oh, yea. Yellow Lamborghini, yea."


Kim and Kourtney Kardashian

"Eww. Your Botox job is so much less flattering than mine."


Justin Timberlake

What? Jess is calling me, again?


Whitney Port

"I may look all kinds of ridiculous, but at least the boots are stylish."


Hilary Duff

"If I text and ride a bike at the same time, maybe I'll be forced into labor!"


Alright, now’s your chance to type away! Would Kim Kardashian really be talking about Botox? What would Vanessa Hudgens really be crying about? Fill in the captions below!

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7 Responses to "Sound-Off Sundays: Fill In the Speech Bubbles for Justin Timberlake, Hilary Duff and More!"

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  2. [...] For this Sound-Off Sunday (September 4, 2011), fill in the speech bubbles and give funny captions for Hilary Duff riding a bike, Pauly D getting in a yellow …Read more [...]

    DeterminedUncertainty says:

    Pauly D: ‘ehehhe now the doors open, now the doors shut… now the doors open… yea.’

    ‘Whitney Port; combing Lady Gaga and sheep couture to inspire her new look: Lady bahbah.’

    unknown says:

    YO MAMA JOKE yo mama is so skiny that her nipples touch each other

    stefanie says:

    hilary: “i’m prego, im popular and i’m fit. A true Cinderella story!”

    courtney says:

    kim’s whatev. korutney’s just like “duhh”

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