From Our BFFS: Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez About To Get Hitched?!

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So it’s not going to happen like, tomorrow, but Justin Bieber revealed during Fashion’s Night Out that he wants to be married and have a family by 25. Selena, you listening? [JSYK]

Oh, and here’s what else happened at FNO with the Gleeks and Nicki Minaj. [Wetpaint]

Our fave fall shows are almost back (yes!)…and here’s a sneak peek at 90210‘s new season.Excited yet?! [Hollywire]

Looks like the cat’s out of the bag. Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins Abduction co-star has just confirmed that these two are most definitely a couple. Wah! [Cambio]

It’s no lie that Justin Timberlake, Kanye West and these other guys look totally hot in suits. But which dude is the hottest? [Posh24]

Logan Lerman says his co-star Emma Watson is “surprisingly normal.” Yeah, Logan, and you’re unsurprisingly hot. [Just Jared Jr.]

And in even more hot guy news (you’re welcome), meet the hotties of fall’s best flicks. We see you, Liam Hemsworth! [Seventeen]

Keke Palmer‘s new single is about “guys like you and girls like me.” Listen now! We think you’ll like it. [M]

Ashley Greene‘s got like the shiniest, most gorg hair ever! Luckily, she’s not stingy enough to share her beauty tips with us. [ELLE]

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    OMG i dont like selena tht much and im not a big hater of her and i wouldnt threatin her but i dont think there right together justin can do better

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  • jelena#1

    i am soo happy for them. hopefully everything works out well for him and selena. as long as they are in love and as long as they are happy, thats all that matters. dont make a descion to early that u may regret in the future. i love you guys! i definately think you two are a match made in heaven. forget about what everyone else says, it only matters what you want in life. you have so many amazing things and people in your life dont let anyone take them away from you. i love you guys good luck!


      shut up

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  • keke

    look they better not cuz im justin bieber girl and he is mine forever all u other people quit calling my man gay and selena u cute and all but i jus dont think ur right for him and u look unhappy in pics when ur out wit him and i jus had 2 get that off my mind love keke

    • anonymous

      um. “your man”? have you ever met him? but thank you for not hating selena because a lot of justin fans do, just because shes dating him. you seem cool

  • j.b

    hey iam from libya and i love justin bieber so much<3

  • Kate


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