Sound-Off Sundays: Fill In the Speech Bubbles for Justin Bieber, Blake Lively and More!

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Sound Off Sundays

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We hope you enjoyed our first ever edition of Sound-Off Sundays last week! And now, to continue the trend, we picked even more hilar/embarrassing shots of your fave celebs, including scruffy Shia LaBeouf and Blake Lively‘s peekaboo wardrobe malfunction! Oh, and along with today’s choices, we get to pick our first speech bubble caption winner!

Click on to peep our fave fill-in, and to check out this week’s pics!

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Sound Off Sundays

Congrats, Stefanie!

Anne Hathaway

"If there's one thing the grunt work in The Devil Wears Prada taught me, it's how to work it while hailing a cab."


Blake Lively

"What's everyone gossiping about behind my back? Is there something on my dress?"


Kristin Cavallari

"Ugh! So this is what working actually feels like?"


Shia LaBeouf

"Maybe if I wear this hat, people won't notice that I haven't shaved in three months."



"My hat isn't the only part of my look that's sinful."


Justin Bieber

"Maybe if I stretch enough, I can be as tall as these guys!"

Photo: Splash News

Well, what was your fave caption? How would you fill them in yourself? Submit your answers here, and we’ll pick the best one next week!

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  • Josh

    This is a hilarious picture. It reminds me of when my cousins play basketball. The older one who is 6 foot somthing always wins against the younger one who is like 5’2.

  • Isabella

    Anne: Uh, you missed that spot up on that window.

  • JSruLes

    snookers is mah homeigrl!!

  • Dina

    i’m not even gonig to say what i think anne’s sayin… u kwo what im talking aobut

  • gemmA

    blake’s just showing off the goods lol

    • Josh


  • Amy

    u culdnt pick a bettr pic of justin? ugh

  • laura

    if i stare at dis window mayb i’ll transform inta someting better lookin.” –shia leboaf

  • gina

    kristen: ur cute. lets make out

  • yo

    Respect nuns, while hailing a cab

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