Just Try to Keep From Crying During Charice’s Two 9/11 Performances.We Dare You. (Vids)

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ChariceAs if you could forget, our beloved Charice was set to perform at 10th Anniversary NFL tribute game yesterday, in honor of 9/11. And let’s just say, she pretty much brought the house down. Although the day itself was enough to draw tears from just about everyone in the country, her beautiful renditions of “God Bless America” and “The Star-Spangled Banner” were so smooth and charicematic, we were rendered speechless.

If you missed her TWO knockout performances, we’ve got them for you below!

MORE: It’s here! The cover art and track listing for Charice’s new album!

What did you think of Charice’s performances? How did you commemorate 9/11? Leave your heartfelt thoughts in the comments.

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  • Chaidol

    Our little darling Charice just made Love happen in so many
    unusual places . she is Love personified… that’s why she is soo lovable !!! Labyo Ming :)

  • aaa

    The best rendition ever (both songs)..it gives me goose bumps!

  • kb117

    Charice’s rendition gives justice to these Anthems!

  • Anonymous

    perfect rendition for both songs….

  • vee

    superbly delivered with the right tones at the right time; not overly done either.
    thumbs up indeed!

  • John Russell

    She is simply amazing and great to sharing the greatest talent in the universe with this out of this world girl named – Charice.

  • Anonymous

    Charice is amazing. Shame on you Christina Aguilera & Cyndi Lauper!

  • melay

    ur always d bst of both world cha…I LOVE YOU CHARICE…Godbless you always.x0x0

  • SaTrinomaNagkita

    Please replace your SSB video as this one is a lot better watch?v=05YSWlsT4HU


    America , the land of opportunities !

    You are right gents. Charice talents has transcended barriers and HOW ! !

    She is not white, not even black, not even tall and not even as good looking
    ( as admitted by her ! ) But hell… a performer non-parriel

    Truly America and its beautiful American people ! Salute !

  • flic

    i love you charice

  • good samaritan

    The United States has given Charice a lot of good breaks in her career, which sadly was not given to her at such level and extent by her native country. So it’s just in order, perhaps, that in her own way of expressing gratitude, she had sung both SSB and GBA in honor and memory of those who perished and suffered on 9-11 a decade ago.

  • cancon

    Charice did it again…..so amazingly great rendition….more power to you CHARICE!!!

  • MMAUFCfighter

    As one declared, we are all Americans on that very important day of commemorating the 10th year anniversary of the 9/11 disaster. Not only she sang the SSB with such respect and emotion that of a true American can express, but also expressed the feelings that the people from her home country have for the brave people of the USA. People there will never forget the significant number of brave Americans that sacrificed their lives to bring freedom and education to that land!

  • Percy G

    Nobody does it like Charice!

  • kurt

    As long as she sang with love and loyalty there’s no big deal, its not about race or ethnicity.

  • Omar Amin, Jr.

    Come to think of it. It’s first time in history that an alien, singing other’s national anthem. Nothing seems to make sense anymore. The true value of symbolism is lost. Go and seek all the encyclopedia in the world or google all your time in the net if you can find one who sang other’s national anthem. I bet there is none, if there is, maybe it was done under duress and subjugation by an invading state in times of war.

    • Chaari

      She is a permanent resident ….

    • khatman

      Celine Dion, a Canadian citizen, has sung both the Star Spangled Banner And God Bless America at numerous events here in the U.S.. In fact, immediately after 9/11 David Foster composed a new version of God Bless America for Celine to sing. That same version of GBA was sung by Charice at the Obama pre-inaugural events and here @ EverBank Field.

    • gio

      i bet your just jealous..

      • Percy


    • ivorsky

      Mind you my friend, America is still having the reeling effects of the 9/11 bombing that only an extraordinarily soothing voice could help ease the national grief. After a long drawn evaluation of a long list of local singers…the panel had decided to use the voice of an alien to wash away the demonic damage done by alien bombers. The angelic voice of Charice is the only answer to such satanic act!

  • Omar Amin, Jr.

    I admit Charice sings so well. She is captivating! However, i still find her decision, to sing an anthem not of her own country, is uncalled for. It would have been proper if she sung songs involving not of patriotism, in which she has not pledged her allegiance to it. I am even surprised on why the Americans allowed an alien sing their national anthem. But what can i do except voice this opinion. Anyway, there is no law prohibiting her, nor the Americans allowing aliens to sing it for them. Name me a person other than Charice who sang an anthem of a country which she or he has no allegiance to it. I bet you can’t name one other than she. The significance of an act of singing your national anthem is your expression and attestation of your love and loyalty to your mother land. In her case, she didn’t mind at all as long as the price is right. To the host, they appear as if they are not true believers of national pride.

    • Anonymous

      You should be grateful that America embraces everyone regardless of nationality to sing their national anthem. Your name isn’t an american sounding name. It just shows how America has also embraced you regardless of your race or ethnicity. Come to think of it, my friend. Peace.

    • Anonymous

      who else do you want to sing SSB and GBA? Cyndi Lauper and Cristina A who can’t remember the lyrics? and I doubt that Charice asked NFL to sings this songs, could be the other way around..

    • Chaari

      Are green card holders considered aliens?

    • alou

      Only one race truly owns this land and they are the american indians. Everyone else just came from somewhere else therefore an alien as u call them. I don’t see any fault if someone shows they’re appreciation for a country. This is where peace roots from. Love for your neighbor. If we all loved our neighbor then there would have been no 9/11 tragedy.

      • kismet913

        Amen to this! Love your reply Alou. You just hit the bulls eye. HATE…..so powerful that it can destroy the entire world and humanity. 9/11 tragedy was one of the end result of hatred. A word to Omar Amin, Jr., there is a time for nationalistic views, but this is not one of those times. They have chosen Charice to sing because she’s one of those singers who can sing so passionately and is gifted to touch human soul when she sings. This is exactly what we need at times like this. We are commemorating a very important day. This is also a very special day for the families whose loved ones were amongst those who died. Let’s not ruin this day for them because of our stupid nonsense arguments. As a human being with a heart and soul, the thought of ‘who’s singing it’ should not even cross our mind. Charice was singing the two songs mainly to pay tribute to 9/11 tragedy. Just close your eyes and listen to her rendition of each song, it will transport you back to that horrible day and how awful and painful it was and probably a tear or two will run down your cheeks. Let’s just be kind and compassionate with one another. Remember, it was HATE that cause the 9/11 tragedy.

  • tester


  • Lexie123

    I still get goosebumps even when she sings acapella. WOW!!

  • Jells

    Good job Charice, Congratulation!!!! God bless Charice,God bless America!!!

  • surfsup44hfy

    Charice golden voice lends itself to concerts, anthems, ballads and now pop. What else can she not do?

  • RichRoch8896

    Great Performance from CHARICE!!! Tears just flowed on my face, remembering that particular day….the land that I loved dearly was attacked…God Bless America!!!