Demi Lovato Wins at the 2011 ALMA Awards And We Totally See Why (Pics)

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Ok, can we just talk about Demi Lovato for a sec? And how her red carpet look at this weekend’s ALMA awards was the best red carpet look in the history of red carpet looks? We’re thinking it was that gorgeous, flowy Maria Lucia Hohan peach dress she wore. Or her flawless hair and makeup. Or maybe the fact that Demi was glowing since she went home with an award…

After the show, Demi tweeted:

“YAYYYY!!!! I can’t believe it!!! Thank you guys so much!!!!! #ALMAwards”

The Demster won the award for Favorite TV Actress for Sonny With a Chance. We won’t even mention that she’s not even on that show anymore…

Check out the gorg pics of Demi at the ALMAs below:

Demi Lovato

Photo: INF Events

Demi Lovato

Photo: INF Events

Demi Lovato

Photo: INF Events

Demi Lovato

Photo: INF Events

Demi Lovato

Photo: INF Events

Demi Lovato

Photo: INF Events

Demi Lovato

Photo: INF Events

Demi Lovato

Photo: INF Events

What’d you think of her dress? Happy she won and beat out these guys? Tell us what you’re thinking in the comments!

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  • alexlexyroxy

    demi u r so STUNNING and u r as BEUTIFUL AS ANYTHING cnt wait to hear more of ur songs

  • Sam

    demi is amazing and an inspiration

  • ZK

    Calling her fake won’t make you real
    Calling her fat won’t make you thine
    Calling her short wont make you tall
    Calling her a copy won’t make you original
    Calling her what she doesn’t like wont make you feel right
    And yes Demi has a Smile that can bring hope to a hopeless person
    And a voice that can break a soul free from it’s prison
    So don’t play hard and talk smart as if you can be a better person, Demi lovato I luv you, and yes you are UNBROKEN !!!!

  • SoSo.

    She looks incredible STUNNING in that dress! Curvy and sexy, yet tastefull and apropriate for her age! There are soooo many singer/actresses/famous people who should learn a thing or two about beauty from miss Lovato here! Spread the word people: you don’t need to be blond, dumb, underweight and slutty to make it, and not to mention kick ass while you do it! You go Demi!! <3

  • hadar

    you are the best! we love u demi!!!!

  • WhatsupwithU2247

    i love demi, but she looks kinda……………. “plump” in that dress.

  • Elina Milan

    i like her skin color ))

  • Mrs.BieberBeadles4Eva

    She looks amazing and i cant wait for her album!


  • Elizabeth Wright

    I’m very glad she one and that she looks AMAZING! She definatly deserves this after all that she’s been through. She is an amazing singer and actress, I love her to death!

  • Mia

    Can I have her?

  • Dani

    “She isn’t in the show anymore” More like the show doesn’t exist anymore, because Sonny With A Chance ended when she left, being substituted by the childish So Random. BUT the awards are about shows that have been on TV since September 2010 until now (1 year), and Sonny was on TV in that period, even if it’s not right now.
    Btw, GORGEOUS and super TALENTED.

  • demi lovato

    oriblee i hate you demi cavalo in inglsh it a horse

    • X

      Before commenting please learn English. Thanks. And just so you know it’s Demi LOVATO, remember her, because you’ll be hearing and seeing a LOT more about her, so NO HATE.

      • Anonymous

        YEAH, SHUT UP

    • Anonymous

      First of all you have to learn some english before learning how to talk smart.
      Second of all if you hate her that much why did you waist your time tipping her name then pressing the search button.
      Third of all you better turn your tv and radio off cause now a days and in the future all that your gonna see and hear is Demi lovato’s name, songs, and video clips.

  • courtney

    wow she looks stunning in that dress and her figure is amzing

    • Alexia