From Our BFFs: Would You Open Up Your Heart For Justin Bieber?

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Justin BieberJustin Bieber proves, yet again, why he’s the perf guy. The vid of his newest campaign, “Hearts Across the Web,” remind us why we’re true beliebers. [JSYK]

We already admitted that we were confused by Nicki Minaj‘s Glamour fashion shoot. But now, this is just getting ridic… [Popdust]

Tyler Posey may play a super-cute werewolf on MTV, but we’re pretty sure these pics make him way cuter. Can you come sing to us, TyPo? [Just Jared Jr.]

Are you Team Seddie or Team Cardie? Better take sides now, because on the upcoming ep of iCarly, Freddie may have to decide between Carly and Sam! [M]

The good news? The Lying Game and Make It or Break It were both renewed! The bad news? One of our other fave ABC Family shows got cancelled! [Cambio]

Wow! Leonardo DiCaprio obvs has no problem showering his ladies with expensive swag. He just gave Blake Lively a $35k bracelet! [Wetpaint]

We’ve been spotting the Kardashians (and the Jenners) all over the place during NYFW. So we’re just kurious, which one’s your fave? [Posh24]

Not surprisingly, Lindsay Lohan is back to her old ways. Ya know, assaulting photogs and stuff. [Hollywire]

Wanna have the ultimate girls’ night? Why not rent Twilight, Mean Girls or any of the rest of these chick flicks? We highly recommend! [Seventeen]

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  • Britani

    Hell Yeaaa , Ina sec if i ever had thaat moment with him i would be the most happiest quurl in the world thaat Youu wuud ever meet . <3 I freaaknn LoveeYouu Justin x3

  • J

    I’m happy he doesn’t want 2 d8 a bunch or girls but he’s kinda setting himself up 4 aq divorce if he’s rushin that much.

  • ZSwagg

    one word……. NO

  • dynasha

    totally i <3 justin