Selena Gomez Goes Swimming, Acts Silly, and Seems Genuinely Cool In Her Latest Tour Vid (Video)

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It’s pretty clear that this brand new Selena Gomez video is a great big thank you to her fans! During her We Own The Night Tour, we’ve seen her hit on younger guys, hang out with Justin Bieber, and dance around in sparkly costumes, but this time Sel shows everybody that she’s just like everyone else when she’s not on stage; playing basketball in cowboy boots and giving outrageous make-overs to her friend on a long flight.

She’s totally normal, right?!

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Um, yeah, minus the whole performing-on-stage thing. Even though the Biebs is nowhere to be found in this new vid, we still think it’s awesome! Check out Sel’s latest We Own The Night behind-the-scenes footage below:

How did you like the new behind-the-scenes footage? Do you think Selena is a good performer? Have you seen her on tour?Comment here!

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  • bianca

    i love selena gomez shes very lucky i think that she is too mature for justin bieber

  • indra_mahadi

    Selena has a beautiful voice and charming face.)

  • Not telling

    I love Selena gomez i hope i could meet her in real life
    I was told by alot of peopel saying i sing really good but im too shy to sing to my friends when they arent singing with me but im fine with singing to total strangers like in a concert lol
    i wanna be a singer and actress when i grow up :)
    Hope u dont turn into Miley Cyrus
    Good job

  • Alexzandria

    um.. i love Selena but i personally don’t think that she is a great singer like i love her music but not her singing but if that’s what she wants to do,then she should continue… :) she seems like an amazing women… and i say “seems” because i don’t know her like I’ve never met her…. ahaha ya biiii love you Selena!

  • chloe

    hi i am chloe and i love victorious an i have not saw the new one i really want to see the new episode can yall play it a gian every other friday

    • jenni

      i saw the new episode rex did the thing to trina

      • Alexzandria

        heheh me to i like Ariana’s character Kat…. lol lol she;s so funnny



    • Alexzandria

      Selena is soo pretty!

    • magsi

      no she is not well i say good song

  • Nickie

    I dunno bout U but I saw the Biebs in there… TWICE. And you said the biebs is nowhere to be seen in this vid. BTW love the song and amazing voice. :3

  • becky!

    selena!! she got an amazinq life

  • selena galoway

    omg i cnt blive tis lk y wldu do this lol

  • Freashname

    YES!! She is awsome!!! <3

  • Francheska

    Selena Gomez you have a wonderful voice and talent and I hope you meet me

  • amanda

    she so pretty sooo

  • Irene

    She is so gorgeous and cute. Selena has a wonderful voice)