Breaking Dawn’s Booboo Stewart Goes Shirtless Again And We Are So Not Complaining (Pics)

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Are you counting down the days til Breaking Dawn hits theaters Nov. 18? So are we… and waiting this long is seriously driving us nuts. But there’s hope! We got our hands on some  super hot (i.e shirtless) pics of Booboo Stewart, who plays werewolf Seth Clearwater in the film. And as much as we’d like to keep these hot photos all to ourselves, obvs we’re gonna share…

MORE: Want more BooBoo? Check out this exclusive Q&A!

Click below to check out more shots of Booboo and his amazing abs!

Booboo heats up the cover of TROIX Magazine‘s Super Smoldering Issue (obvs) out September 25. Check out the pics from the shoot below and the behind-the-scenes vid here!

What do you think of Booboo? Is he the next Taylor Lautner? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Madison

    i love booboo stewart!!! Seth is my favorite wolf!

  • Claire

    BooBoo Stewart is hot pple!! There is nthn wrong with him. His sister is cute they almost look the same.

  • Claire

    Booboo is soooo freaken sexy!!!!!! I would like to kiss him. An his abs is a dream!! Sorry girls he is mine!!!!!!!! :)

    • aaliyah

      you are probely rt

    • aaliyah

      OH hey babe I miss you boo boo

  • Claire

    Seth Clearwater is sooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!

  • allison g

    Booboo is sooooooo hot

  • angelica

    Omg He is so hot

  • eliana

    what a fine boy!!!:D

    • Serena

      Booboo is so freakn hot and I want to feel his abes

  • spanishgirl

    Uaohhhh hes so HOT!! :)and talented he’s got everything hahaha

  • Sam

    He is so freakin hot! I love him!

  • Ariella

    He would be my wet dream if it weren’t for his chin sorry but its true.

  • z5454

    he is sooooooooo hot i love you booboo sweethaert you are hot

  • meme

    helloooooo hawtie wit da boddieeeee=)

  • HAPPY FACE 707


  • Carii

    Hello New Crush! lol

  • anonymous

    i have been in love with booboo stewart for over a year! hes an actor, singer, guitarist, author, artist, dancer, martial artist… hes sooo talented!

  • Veronica


    • HAPPY FACE 707