Katy Perry Tells InStyle: “I Am Full of Unicorns and Care Bears.” Guess That Explains the Pink Hair…

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It seems like Katy Perry changes her ‘do as often as she changes latex dresses underwear. But we’ve gotta admit, this whole pink hair thing she’s got going totally works for her. How do we know? Her latest InStyle cover, duh! Katy is InStyle‘s October cover girl and she’s dishing on her latest addiction (not like that, you guys), her on-tour beauty secret and uh, being full of Care Bears?!

Read on to catch a glimpse from KP’s InStyle interview!

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On her fiery side: “I’m not going to sit and be steamrolled; I’m going to stand up against things that are unjust. I am full of unicorns and Care Bears 99 percent of the time, but don’t open Pandora’s Box of that other 1 percent — because it’s there!”

On her latest obsession: “I’m a design-blog junkie. Cozycozy.com is my favorite. Architects, landscapers and designers are my drugs of the moment.”

On her on-tour beauty secret: “I ordered a special chair from the dentist so I can lie back and wake up looking like a million bucks—I call it my Sleeping Beauty makeup.”

Katy Perry’s InStyle cover hits newsstands this Friday, September 23! Do you like Katy’s pink hair? Do you have a fiery side, too? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Her hair is not weird it’s a fashion trademark. I died my hair a darker pink and it was awesome!!!!!!!!! I feel bad for Katy with this hating she’s creative and fun. Plus she wants to stand out and be heard!! Good for you Katy. LOVE Katy Perry forever!!!!! :)

  • Leslie

    Her hair weirds me out! Yikes!

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  • lola

    i love u but u funny crazy