Sound-Off Sundays: Fill In the Speech Bubbles for Emma Stone, Demi Lovato and More!

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Sound Off Sundays

It’s that time of the week, again. Ya know, where we laugh at the expense of Hollywood stars’ hilar pics? That’s right, it’s Sound-Off Sundays time! And today, we really think you’re going to eat up our newest collection of celeb photos. Between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling on the set of their new flick, Gangster Squad, and Demi Lovato just standing there lookin’ pretty, trust us, the comments will just come to you.

Peep our speech bubble picks, fill ’em in yourself, and find out which caption we picked from last week!

MORE: How would you caption Lady Gaga eating a hot dog?

Congrats, Nicolette! Your Kristen Wiig bubble won!

Jessie J

"Take that, Kitty Purry!"


Demi Lovato

"Is that Joe with another new girl?! Whatev, at least my album sales are better than his."


Jane Lynch

"Oh god, I think I just swallowed Will Schuester's hair gel."


Kelly Osbourne

"What's Christina Aguilera doing wearing that hein dress?"


Vinny Guadagnino

"Just picking up a couple guinea tees, grenade repellent and condoms. The youge."


Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling

"If this is how cute our dog looks, imagine our children!"


Which celeb fill-in was your fave? Think you can do it better? Submit your answers here, and we’ll pick the best one during next week’s SOS!

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  • OMG!That relief , I just let out a fart :p

  • carolyn

    hey you know i can look like katy perry too
    yea yea ill sign in a minute i just saw a huge poster of me
    you know i thought i was drinking coffee
    what? too much makeup for macy’s….sorry
    HEY! ya know im just tryin to be the good guy now….not like mike
    ryan this dog is way more cuter than you

  • gaydude

    hey people im gay

  • lillyana

    hey cool pics love them lol :)

    • Mohammad

      why don\’t they have an E special on Demi Lovato? She deeevsres one too! Demi is so amazing. She is so strong and a very awesome singer! I love you!