From Our BFFS: Is Justin Bieber Officially The Most Romantic Boyfriend Ever?

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Holy ship, Justin Bieber is the best boyf ever! He rented out the Staples Center and treated Selena Gomez to dinner and Titanic. Um, where can we get ourselves one of those?! [JSYK]

Despite the fact that they broke up, Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins were all smiles at the UK premiere of Abduction. Jk. No they weren’t. [Just Jared]

And speaking of broken-up couples, Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene reunited this past weekend in Vegas! Guess what happened in Vegas didn’t exactly stay there… [4TNZ]

Willow Smith has been kind of MIA since that whole hair whipping thing happened, but guess what? She’s working on an album! [Popdust]

The answer to your most burning question is here — what’s inside Rebecca Black‘s makeup bag? [Seventeen]

And speaking of makeup, Jasmine V‘s lipgloss (line) is poppin’! And she’s kissing and telling all about Justin Bieber it. [Cambio]

Lindsay Lohan is back at work, you guys, modeling for some unknown designer in Italy. Better than nothing, right?! [Hollywire]

Remember that whole red carpet drama between Sarah Hyland and Lea Michele? Yeah, well Lea is so not having it. [Posh24]

Nina Dobrev got a mini concussion on the set of The Vampire Diaries! Here’s to hoping real-life boyf Ian Somerhalder can make her feel better ASAP. [Wetpaint]

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  • lily

    Wait, selena has only ONE ear-ring on? 😮

  • jessie

    awwwww……. sooooo cute!

  • Selena Gomez

    hey girly’s, he is all yours…YOU WISH…. JK :) i hate this pic of him, and raquel you go girl …and i dont think i will ever go back .I HOPE………

  • lavagal

    i tink dat they luk totally cute together y dnt yall just sit on ur longest f****r aha i said it so ifu have a problem den kip it 2 ur self toodles luv ya both :p :p :p

  • mia

    youre romentic ,bieber!

    • Per

      lucky but all i hear is people simraecng JUSTIN JUSTIN I LOVE YOU! no one de for selena gomez if i was there i will shout both of de names coz they both mean a lot to me?

  • OMG i dont think thats the best couple but that is very sweet justin! by the way im not much of a fan of either

  • Raquel

    Well, To all of you Justin Bieber fans,Justin Bieber really isnt that great forreal.Justin Bieber cant sing at all and if yall listen to him a couple more times you’ll see that.Selena Gomez is a pretty girl on the hand justin is ugly.well i watch selena show ever day i realy like her but she was stupid for going out with justin now shes smart for breaking up with him
    Selena dont go bak to hym


    why did she have to get him?? she has money, fame and looks and now she got the guy every girl wants!

  • Victoria Martinez

    Awww :) That is so cute!! I wish I had a BF like that!!

    • mia

      like that!

  • rose

    Justi bieber is so romantic. :)