You Can’t Love Someone You Just Met… Can You? (Wendy Recap, Episode 5)

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Wendy RecapAfter not saying “I love you” back to her BF in the last ep of Wendy, we’re surprised Meaghan Martin‘s character still had the nerve to show up to his party. True, they’ve been planning this little shindig since the first ep, but let the guy have his dignity. And, rather than apologize to Jackson or take a stab at the ‘L’ word herself, she ignores him to go off with Pete! (Not that we can blame her.) But from the looks of it, Pete (aka our future husby, Tyler Blackburn) says something that causes Wendy to get all emotional. Find out the magic words Pete said below!

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  • Meme

    Wendy and Pete r takkin wayyy 2 lngg to makk a move deyy need 2makk a move already

  • Hanna

    That guy is ugly city hahaha