Sound-Off Sundays: Fill In the Speech Bubbles for Joe Jonas, Robert Pattinson and More!

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Sound-Off Sundays

As you probs know, Sound-Off Sundays was created so that we could poke fun at hilar celeb pics with our own comments, and then you could add your own captions below. However, we’re holding back this week, and only wanna see what too-funny-to-handle jokes you can come up with for the stars. Don’t worry, we packed more outrageous pics (including ones of Robert Pattinson, Emma Roberts, and Rihanna holding her boobs!) to make it easier for you. So peep last week‘s winner below, and comment away!

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Congrats, Carolyn! Thanks for all your fill-ins — your Jessie J comment sent us over the top!

Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins



Photo: Splash News

Alex Pettyfer


Ashley Tisdale


Robert Pattinson


Jennifer Lopez


Joe Jonas


Emma Roberts


Kristen Stewart


Lindsay Lohan


Tell us what you would say for any of the 10 pics above! WDYT they’re saying? Whose pic is the most hilar? Fill in the speech bubbles in the comments!

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21 Responses to "Sound-Off Sundays: Fill In the Speech Bubbles for Joe Jonas, Robert Pattinson and More!"

    Alexis says:

    Can someone get me a real bra like dam these things are falling down!

    Anny says:

    gfds dit :fin 2011 c’est trop loin !!!!!! ne pas oublier que c9douard ne vilielit pas mais robert si !!!!! je trouve de9je0 un changement physique chez l’acteur!! fin 2010 aurait e9te9 mieux voir de9but 2011 !!!!!

    Laura says:

    Emma Robert: I am NOT touching that thing…

    awesome says:


    Richard Peterson says:

    Rihanna! I now need to hold them up!

    LOL53 says:

    Joe Jonas

    oh crap!!! Hey Ashley (Greene)oh good you brought Taylor (Swift) with you!! Man you really SHOULD’VE SAID NOOOOO!!!!

      Vendula says:

      This is such great news! I was going to email you back but I will just leave a comment here. Thanks for the carema advice and I am sooooo bummed I will have to wait EVEN LONGER to have a session with you! Someday we will have some E F originals gracing our walls! Until then, take care! I’m so excited about baby #5 for you guys!!! What an adventure:)

    Zazu says:

    Rhianna: This looked so much easier in the little mermaid!

    Alex Pettyfer: Stop right there Sir, You are under arrest for disturbance of the peace, The goatee, Really dude?

    Ashley Tisdale: Those green shorts are giving me a migrane.

    Robert pattinson: Hugh Jackman is totally going to sue me for stealing his beard.

    Jennifer Lopez: I’m NOT the wedding planner bridezilla!

    Joe Jonas: Uh Oh. I think I just swallowed my dignity.

    Emma Roberts: No you listen, I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse.

    Kristen Stewart: Happy is going to be so mad….

    Lindsay lohan: Do I look enough like Pamela Anderson now?

    LOL53 says:

    J lo— THis is the best day of my life!!! I’m sooo freee!!!!! Can’t you see me smiling!!!!

    LOL53 says:

    Rihanna– Yeah, I’ll drink to that! ;)

    Zazu says:

    Taylor Lautner: IS that Robert pattinson?! Atleast I’m wearing chapstick this time!

    Jenna says:

    Lily Collins is so UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lucylu says:

    oh and for R-Pattz– is that a werewolf over there?

    Lucylu says:

    for J-Lo– No Marc Anthony isn’t here with me, and no I will not marry you!!

    And for Lindsay Lohan– If i smile fakely, maybe people will like me more!

    raniarputri says:

    Ashley tisdale picture: “DANG! It’s hot here! I should have bring my umbrella! You know what?! Let me just use my brand new clutch while I’m showing off what I got!

    Coty Rogers says:

    Lindsay Lohan 2

    Like my Holloween costume? I dressed as myself and i apllied as a Role Model

    Coty Rogers says:

    Lindsay Lohan

    Yes my hand is permanently stuck in this position.

    Coty Rogers says:

    Robert Pattinson

    Maybe if I dress like a hillbilly they’ll stop calling me gay…

      Randley says:

      a friend told me the 1st new moon trealir (the 2nd twilight) came out today but i can only find fanmade 1s.?i want to find the real trealir. Is the first new moon trealir really out? if so where can i find one that is Not fanmade. please help

    Coty Rogers says:


    Do my boobs make this bra look small???

    Coty Rogers says:

    Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins

    Oh yea Edward? I got my OWN emo. WHAT!!!

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