Annoying Little Brother FTW! Watch This Kid Video Bomb His Older Not-So-Talented Sis (Video)

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Little brothers are the biggest pain in the butt sometimes, right? Right. But the little brother in this video is hilarious, because he video bombed (the YouTube version of Photo bombed, duh) his big sister’s version of Akon‘s song, “Smack That.” Never mind that the song (and those suggestive dance moves) are mildly inappropriate. Because that kid made this otherwise boring vid way worth watching. Annoying little brother FTW!

Check it out below to see what we mean:

Ha! Funny, right? What’s the most annoying thing your little sib’s ever done? Tell us in the comments, mmkay?

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  • xoxo

    i watched this twice
    first just watch the girl
    the 2nd time i watched the kid
    the kid was hilarious

    • Sunny

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    • Wennie

      I think Youtube is aiazmng as a video sharing platform, but it’s also become a soap box for every one with an opinion, even if it is about getting their political views across on a video about anything but politics.

  • autummn

    Hahahahaha ! :)

  • anonymous

    haha the brother had better dance moves than his sister

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha too funny!!! 😛