Playlist of the Week: 10 Songs To Play While Working On Your Fitness

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Have you ever been totally in the zone at the gym and then a slow song pops up on your playlist? It sucks, right? OK, so that’s where we come in. We listened to a ton of tracks and found the 10 best songs — from pop anthems to hot dance tunes — that will keep your heart pumping throughout your workout.

So, what’s on our list?

Check out our 10 picks — plus embedded vids so you can listen! — below:

Raise your Glass -- Pink

Warm up your hips with this pop anthem that starts off slow, but follows with a killer chorus that will inspire you to give this workout all you've got.

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Somebody to Love -- Justin Bieber ft. Usher

We love the Biebs by himself, but his songs aren't exactly gym-worthy. But, add Usher and it's all you need to push through those crunches.

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Super Bass -- Nicki Minaj

Even if you've heard this song like, a billion times, it's still good every. Single. Time. Nicki's badass and so is this song. Boom badoom boom!

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You Make me Feel -- Cobra Starship ft. Sabi

Go hard with Cobra and Sabi, whose beat-heavy tune is great for upping your speed on the treadmill.

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Don't Wanna Go Home -- Jason Derulo

We're just hoping you'll listen to Jason Derulo and forget about going home. Gotta stay focused on those ab curls!

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Bulletproof -- La Roux

So La Roux's song is sorta old (in the world of music), but it's a classic when it comes to workout numbers. Why? A) it instantly transports you to a dance club and B) you're bulletproof too, right?

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In the Dark -- Dev

Continue the electro-dance party with Dev's sexified tune. Hit the weights with this oneβ€” the beat goes great with all those reps you need to do.

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Mr. Saxobeat -- Alexandra Stan

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OK so you've totally heard this song on the radio before, but had no idea who it was, right? Well, we tracked it down and Alexandra Stan's song will make you sweat, but only in the best way possible.

The Edge of Glory -- Lady Gaga

Gasping for air yet? Well, Gaga's anthem should give you the motivation you need to stick it out. We're pretty sure Gaga works out like 1000 hours a day to get her rockin bod, so if anything, that's pretty dece inspiration.

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Yeah 3x -- Chris Brown

Yeah, you're almost done! Chris Brown's singalong number is the perfect song to listen to while you hit the floor for some cool down stretches.

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Whose jam gives you the most energy? What do you listen to while working out? Tell us in the comments!

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