Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia Make the Cutest Couple, Uh, Dance Partners Ever (Video)

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Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia have been BFFs for like, ever. Slash since like, 2006. And as much as we’d love these two to date IRL, we’re kind of ok that they’re not a couple right now and that they’re just dance partners. This vid shows Victoria and Avan dancing thorugh the years — on-stage, during rehearsals, at events and birthday parties — and you know what? They make the perfect pair ever. So until these two make their romantic status official (hint hint), let’s watch this adorbs dancing montage, shall we?

What do you think of Vic and Avan’s dancing? Do you think they should date IRL or are they better as friends? You can tell us everything in the comments.

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15 Responses to "Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia Make the Cutest Couple, Uh, Dance Partners Ever (Video)"

    lexi lowe says:

    i love them both so much n love vid tori n beck should totally date u know they wanna they almost TWICE n avan n vic make the perf couple they need 2 date on n off set NO JOKE

    Sierra says:

    I. Think they. Should. Get. Together. To

    michelle says:

    wel i thnk they would jst make an awsum couple really they would they so great together and they are so awsum!!!!

    Jessica says:

    I think Beck and Tori should get together
    or Victoria and Avan??
    WHO?? <3

    Jana says:

    love this! so excited for the movie

    partyrockin says:

    they are so cute. love love love them both. i wanna dance with them

    not tellin' :) says:

    date already..ughhhg

    morn meng says:

    For refreshness

    jennah lucas says:

    I love Avan but i’ll be okay with letting victoria have him~~~!!:)

    Maddie says:

    I think Vic and Avan are so cute together! I think they would make a great couple :)

    xoxo says:

    they are soo cute together

    Maja says:

    i think they would make a cute couple but in the end they’re better off as friendds ;)

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