From Our BFFs: Wanna Watch Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Renew Their Vows?

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We know we have the whole Kim Kardashian-slash-Kris Humphries wedding special to look forward to this weekend. So why did the couple decide to get married — again — on The Ellen Show?! [J-14]

And speaking of the Kardashians, Khloe Kardashian is freaking out over her pregnancy. Or should we say, the lack of her pregnancy? Keep your chin up, KK! [Hollywire]

We’re too grossed out to even wanna try on anything the Jersey Shore cast owns. But there is one thing we’d like to borrow from Snooki and Pauly D… [Seventeen]

Wow, after watching Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara hit up Sesame Street, we think it’s much easier to understand her when she breaks her words down like this. [Wetpaint]

We think the cast of Glee is incredibly gorg — especially Mark Salling. But we’re not too sure we would’ve dated him when he was back in high school… [Posh24]

Wanna know a random fact? Justin Bieber‘s making a guest appearance on So Random!‘s Christmas ep! And the cast let us know what the fans thought of the news. [Cambio]

Will Willow Smith be a two-hit wonder? After listening to her new song “Epiphany,” we so don’t think so. [JSYK]

Adorbs! Watch little Taylor Swift receive her first guitar! [Popdust]

Before the movie hits theaters next week, we think these Footloose clips will leave you dancing in front of your computer screen. [Just Jared Jr.]

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  • jaime

    I completely agree. I met my best firend in high school, and I love her unconditionally. She’s been there through everything, and has never passed any judgment on me. I regret not going away to school with her because I miss her so much all the time. But whenever I’m in her area, I always stop by and we talk on the phone almost everyday. Gotta love that girl :-)

  • girl222

    We need people not pick on people. Come on just stop. It’s not fun for them or its not fun for u to. Because PEOPLE R going to talk behind ur back and say hey that people was mean to this person. JUST STOP IT AND UR LIVES BE A HOLE LOT BETTER.