Trendspotting: Emma Roberts, Ashley Tisdale and More Prove Mid-Length Skirts Are So Not For Grannies

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When we picture celebs like Kim Kardashian in a skirt, we usually picture her in a mini cause, ya know, she’s Kim Kardashian. So we were surprised to see that the latest skirt trend is not the up-your-butt style, but actually mid-length. So ladylike, is it not?

And celebs like Lea Michele and Whitney Port are making mid-length skirts look less granny-like and more, well, pretty! Check out the pics of the girls wearing the trend:

Ashley Tisdale


Emma Roberts


Leighton Meester


Lea Michele

Photo: Splash News

Kim Kardashian

Photo: Splash News

Anna Kendrick


Whitney Port


Kourtney Kardashian


Sophia Bush


Leona Lewis


Do you like mid-length skirts? Which celeb’s skirt is your fave? Have you tried the trend yet? Sound off in the comments!

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5 Responses to "Trendspotting: Emma Roberts, Ashley Tisdale and More Prove Mid-Length Skirts Are So Not For Grannies"

    Meg says:

    Mid-lengths are the best– not so long you’ll trip and not so short you look like a prostitute. I can wear them without tights! :)

    emma says:

    Mid skirts more sophisticated look!! If your 20 and up you should dress descretely. Does anyone no anything. Wear short skirts you look like a hore celebrities and people look like prostitutes. only time celebrities look alright is grammys.

    emma says:

    NO one is making a trend. Its funny how history repeats its self. in the 1930s-1960s they dressed very sharp and ladylike. Celebrities arent making the trend history is. LOl I wish people would open an history book not much has changed. Betty Davis Elizabeth Taylor, Vivien Liegh, and the list goes on stunning and gorgeous women. Mid length skirts are good because everyone doesnt want to see ass 24/7 or its just in this time sex sex sex is all anyone sees!!!! (:

    Emma says:

    Lea Michele and Emma Robert your chothes are really beatiful. I lik it. (: ♥

    Sam says:

    I don’t like the mid-skirt style. It just makes you look older than what you really are.

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