No One Said High School Wouldn’t Be Humiliating, Not Even For Cheerleaders…

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Watch this girl eat it while trying to do a back handspring. We know it’s kinda mean, but definitely hilar.

Not cute. Wohops! What’s been your most embarrassing moment at school this year? Sound off below.

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  • madison

    she dumb. learn how to do it before you try it.

  • Halle

    She didn’t jump back. That’s why she fell.

  • Hope

    hey, people make mistakes and im sure everyone laughing at this has too. how would you feel if someone recorded one of your mistakes and posted it and people started laughing at you?? thats how this poor girl probably feels.

    • Lucylu

      or maybe she thought it was funny too….

      • Sharad

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  • Charese

    That girl shouldn’t have laughed. The girl that fell could have got hurt really bad…

  • Sam

    omg! that must’ve hurt! but that was really funny!

  • Mrs.BieberBeadles4Eva

    Ohmygod i wonder what happened and thats reallly messes up that her friend just started laughing knowing that she couldve really been hurt :(

  • angelica

    i love how her friend starts cracking up too good