5 New Britney Spears Songs? Don’t Mind If We Do (First Listen)

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Since Britney Spears is currently keeping busy on the Femme Fatale world tour, you probs thought it was gonna be forever until you heard a new Brit Brit song. (We know, we’re also totes sick of “I Wanna Go”).

But nope! We got our hands on five unreleased Britney tracks! comments!

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  • Karima

    in airlcte. I hate it when people slam Britney’s dancing because I think it’s gotten better since Circus, but the passion clearly isn’t there and the fact she’s making all this money for her dad is just horrible. For The Record showed her as a broken woman who just wanted to forget showbusiness and be a mum. The new doc showed her really excited about the new album, which she didn’t even care enough to write one song for. Or even co-write one song for. When she was doing promo for In The Zone a few years back she looked as if she was loving every performance. She gaves good interviews. Then came the breakdown and I’m worried she’ll end up like Michael Jackson. People will force her into touring every year or every other year so that her income remains high. Britney has terrible parents IMO. They care so much about money and she little about what Britney wants. I’m stunned she was allowed to say she might give up music at some point. I thought she would’ve gotten told to rephrase that to I’m never giving up music. I love music. Come see me on tour. My dad needs another new house. 0

  • She is a awesome woman. I have saw all her concerts in Pittsburgh she is very talented. I swear she is going to be around. I do not care what others think of her. Her music has changed my living cause I used to listen to country but now since the pop diva came out I only listen to her and some other people. Country music sucks ass and Britney Spears kicks ass.

  • michelle

    her songs are AWEZOME and hope she makes more awezome songs. Go Brithney!!!!

  • daisha

    its ok

  • bob

    i like rockstar

  • Alex

    I Like Dangerous Too But I REALLY Like Her Song With Lil Wayne Called”bad girl” They Never Released It& Its Amazing me& All my friends love it they would’ve made alot of money off that single!