Does Glee Suck This Season?’s Editors (And You!) Weigh In!

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Here’s what sucks about this season of Glee — we have to wait until November 1 for new episodes. Actually, we’re kidding. What sucks is a whole lot more. The songs, perhaps? Maybe that they’re trying so hard with the storylines that they’re failing miserably? Or, say, that there’s no more guest stars or, ahem, Trouty mouth? The editors of basc get into arguments every time we talk about it. We have quite varied opinions on this season of Glee, and we’re here to give ’em to you straight. Don’t hate us, gleeks (or Fox, or Ryan Murphy), because the show still has its moments. But as a whole? We’re meh. WDYT?

DISCLAIMER: We are not trying to trash Glee. You all know how much we write about the show every week heart the show, right?! But we really wanted to tell you how we’ve been feeling and find out if we’re the only ones with these opinions, mmkay? Good. Glad we cleared that up. Now…

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Here’s what the eds think of Glee Season 3 so far:

“The first two episodes of this season weren’t that great. But I loved the third ep: Great songs, great dancing, and an actual focus on the characters I actually care about (‘cept for Emma’s ginger supremacists parents. WTF?). If the show can continue that, then heck no it doesn’t suck. And P.S. More Blaine = better eps. Just sayin’.” – Kaitlin, Editorial Coordinator


Glee doesn’t suck, but the spark is gone. The writers keep rehashing the same storylines and there have been too many musical theater tunes lately. But I still watch every Tuesday. Maybe it’s because I refuse to give up just yet. Or maybe it’s because of Darren Criss, who is clearly the best thing to hit TV, like, ever.” – Alex, Editorial Intern


“I can’t get into Glee. I’m just not really into the whole living-life-as-a musical thing. After a while they just start to annoy me. So does Glee suck this season? I say, Glee sucks every season.” – Priscilla, Editorial Assistant


“During Season 2 and even up until now, I feel like the show has lost its heart and is constantly trying to wow or shock the audience instead of focusing on the characters we’ve grown to know and love. One thing that really bothers me is when I’m introduced to new characters (i.e. Sam, Lauren), and then all of a sudden, they disappear. I’m not saying Glee is a bad show, but I definitely think it needs to refocus.” — Dan, Deputy Editor


“I was totally addicted to season one, but Glee has gone completely downhill from there. The show is totally over-the-top, the characters and storylines are ridic and unrealistic, and I kind of can’t even watch it now. So, yeah, Glee definitely sucks this season. – Jessica, Production Assistant


“This season has its high points — I love that Shelby is finally back and song covers like the one from Dreamgirls were ah-mazing — but overall, the show just doesn’t excite me anymore. I’m just seriously hoping that the rest of the season involves more Top 40 songs and some unexpected love triangles to get me back into it.” — Haley, Associate Editor


“I don’t think Glee sucks this season, but I do miss Trouty Mouth Sam Evans and his Bieber swag. Who’s with me?” – Kristen, Editorial Intern


So, what do you think of the show this season? Which of the editors do you agree or disagree with most? Don’t be afraid to tell us how you really feel in the comments. Really. We did.

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  • Lousk

    I Hate glee now!! Santana has too many screentime and that FRIkEN rory and sugar motto shit is getting FRIkEN crapp!!! Too many new kids

  • Wandi

    Glee is amazing!

  • Kevin

    I loved season 1 and 2 of Glee! they were amazing, emotional, and covered every problem that a kid in high school or college or anyone for that matter could endeavor. Being a guy, obviously i heard a ton of shit from my friends, “Glee is gay.”, the works… and I never agreed with them….. until season 3. It honestly seems like you have to be a homosexual to enjoy the show, or even relate! EVERYTHING seems to be about being gay, or gay relationships. It’s starting to be really annoying. Here’s my theory….. Ryan Murphey tested season 1 by putting a single gay character in the mix. EVERYONE LOVED SEASON 1! Then in season 2 he said, “Hey, everyone loved season one. Lets throw some more gay characters in there.”. i.e. Blane, Dave… Most of the warblers. okay… no big deal. season 2 was great! but now… We have Kurt, Blane, Santana, Dave, Sebastian, Britney, Mr. and Mr. Berry, MOST of the warblers, Alex from The Glee Project, who premiered in his first episode as a transvestite… and in the most recent episode this new random kid who’s name i cant even remember… bottom line is… too much gay. there are literally more gay characters featured than straight…

    PS: i am in no way a homophobe. so please dont accuse me as such.

    • Josie

      I get it- it’s pretty unrealistic. Not to mention that this season seems to only be focused on LGBT problems, and of course that whole “marriage” thing, but eh…

  • Ron

    I love the singing and the dancing. In order to enjoy the music, I feel I have to pay my dues by getting the gay-lesbian agenda pounded at me. The show has two parts: great music interspersed with plotlines about the trials and tribulations of gays in high school. They should change the name of the show from “Glee” to “Gay”. Truth in advertisinfg.

  • GleeIsSoGay

    I hate glee!!!!!!!gay and lesbian relationship????really?
    Glee is only for gays and lesbians to watch!!

    • doof

      Sounds like it’s a perfect show for you!

    • Evereverr

      Why bother searching forums about glee if your going to just say that it is ‘gay’ .. ?

  • nick

    Season 1 was the best, since then no where near as good. But I still watch every episode, but im always dissopointed after. The writters are soooo over doing every story line. SEASON 1 BEST EVER!!!!

  • salena jorge

    season 3 of glee is the best they sing better songs and you see blaine ibn almost every episode…..

  • santanafan#1

    i love glee and this season the most and i just have to wait for the 3rd season to come out to buy. i already have the 1st season and 2nd season and the cds.

  • maya

    i think that glee is awesome and if you actually pay attention and watch all the episodes again its pretty awesome so think again.

    • SarahNeverBeenHere

      Glee’s AWESOME but they’re right, I mean, it’s the same this season, there’s TOO MUCH musical numbers… But still watch!

  • Anna

    Trouthy Mouth IS back 😉
    And i loooooooooove Glee!!! <33333

  • glee

    glee is amazing, you suck.

    • maya

      rock on!!!!!!!!! gleeks!!!!!!!!!

  • Fuckyou,Idon’tneedaname

    Glee always sucked. If I hear one anybody say their cover of SING by My Chemical Romance was good, I’ll punch a baby in the throat. Also, I couldn’t give less of a shit if they trash Lady Gaga or Justin Beiber, because they aren’t talented and music doesn’t come from a computer.
    Sincerely, a kid who listens to REAL music.

    • Lorie

      i agree,today is the day real music died

  • tt

    i think glee swayed away from the original story line of misfits.. now its a little too serious and the songs got a little boring..

  • shotacon

    I used to watch this show up ’till it started going off the original storyline of misfits, now it’s just being freakin stupid focusing on other crap. No-hates to people who still watch this, but i think i’ll move on to another show.

  • glee

    it is the best show on television

  • Alice

    I think it’s too early to judge
    We haven’t seen the 4 episode yet!

  • leo

    i dont think i cant judge a season by 3 episodes, specially glee when most first season episodes suck. i got dissapointed at ryan murphy the second quinn went from bad to good, i was kinda hoping she would still be skank quinn and sing things like no doubt and other stuff like that. the thing that bothers me the most is how they suck the storylines dry. we know kurt is gay you dont need to remember us every second, mercedes is a diva we dont need a whole episode focused on that. lea michelle please learn to lip sync, you are not having menstrual cramps on every note you sing, even the weird big headed midget on youtube does it better. finn sings like crap and his face is extremely hateable i dont know why, his singing has more corrections than joan rivers face.
    i could care less about those who left, the adition of blaine may provide an interesting love triangle in the future.
    i dont know just yet if the whole season is gonna suck but so far they are going that way.