Beauty Trend Alert: Would You Tie-Dye Your Tips? (Pics)

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After Lauren Conrad went and tie-dyed the tips of her hair, we weren’t sure whether or not this would catch on and become an actual beauty trend. But our friends over at Posh24 found that this look has really become a thing.

From Nicki Minaj rockin’ the hair trend more than once to even Drew Barrymore giving this tie-dye look a try, Posh24 spotted quite a few blonde bombshells following Lauren’s footsteps.

See which other starlets have tie-dyed tips and tell us what you think!

Nicki Minaj

Photo: Posh24

Lady Gaga

Photo: Posh24

Drew Barrymore

Photo: Posh24

Nicki Minaj

Photo: Posh24

Kate Bosworth

Photo: Posh24

Have you attempted to tie-dye your tips? Would you? Which celeb do you think pulled this look off the best? Tell us in the comments!

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6 Responses to "Beauty Trend Alert: Would You Tie-Dye Your Tips? (Pics)"

    lol says:

    yes way!!!! blonde and pink or blonde and red :D

    brittney says:

    Maybe i like the way Nicki does it.

    Serahboo says:

    It’s called dip-dying not ty-dying.

    baddest says:

    hell yeaahh itz raww point blank

    michelle says:

    yes i would die my hair tie die its very kool

    xoxo says:

    no and no
    nicki minaj in pink

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