Jasmine V Talks Facebook Stalking….on Teen.com’s Facebook Page (Exclusive Video)

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Remember how we said we had more Jasmine V exclusive videos to come? We weren’t lying. Check out our latest with Jasmine V where she talks all about Facebook stalking, exclusively for our Facebook fans (So yeah, visit our Facebook page every once in a while!). More Jasmine V vids coming tomorrow right here on Teen.com!

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    Jasmine villegas is bitch she want to steal justin bieber from selena gomez….thats why she wrote asong just a friend u know what jasmine ure such a bitch loser u cant sing and ucan just sing a low not not a high note ok so stop being a bitch.!!!! Are you not yet comfortable w/ jinsu and u still want justin bieber ..excuse me for your information u and jinsu are together and justin and selena are together so dont steal justin from selena i am your fan before but now..your not my idol anymore because i dont have an idol that is bitch!@!!!!!


      Man jasmine do not let these haters get you down…I love your songs and you and your boyfriend Jinsu are really cute together. Love Peace and Chicken Please.