Is Victorious’ Liz Gillies a Better Gaga Copycat Than Greyson Chance? (Vid)

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We’ve seen our share of Lady Gaga YouTube covers. (Remember the Capital Children’s Choir’s? Genius!) But the latest one from Victorious star Elizabeth Gillies just pushed itself near the top of the list. Liz’s rendition of “You and I” was so near perfect, we’re wondering if it’s better than Greyson Chance’s!

But why don’t you decide if Liz could take on Greyson. Watch and tell us whatcha think!

MORE: Liz Gillies spills the dirt on Victoria Justice and BTR!

Man, she has an awesome voice. Is she the best singer on Victorious? What’s your fave Lady Gaga cover so far? Sound off in the comments.

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  • Sophia Loca


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  • LaniiLoo

    She is amazing!

    Her cover of ‘Fast Car’ is amazing also!! (:

    • aidencharlie

      The Best!

  • jbluver


  • Rylie

    love her voice!

  • Some One

    WOW!!!!!!!! Shes so good i think she should hav been tori insted of jade on victorious shes so much better and prettier:) if victoria justice has a problem with me than so be it she can contact my atternie at 1(800)231-0208. Oh and liz ur awsome ♥ u!!!!!!!!! oh and im a young singer tring to find a manager so it would help if you can get me along the way anyone! really would apperciate it ☺! And ps i sing better than vicoria justice!!!!!!!!!!TRU FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TRU FACT AND THATS THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • u sound just like laga

  • kaitlyn cook

    I LOVE IT!!!! YOU R SO GOOD!!!

  • i love your songs

  • koolkat

    gr8 voise but boring vidio (i put it of 25 secs later)