Survey Saturdays: Tell Us Your Thoughts On This Week’s Celeb Goss!

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What would celebrity life be without tons of drama, like what went down during Kim‘s Fairytale Wedding? Or how about music news? No one can forget Joe Jonas‘s big solo debut this week, right?!

And now, we leave you with our lovely Survey Saturday. Keep scrolling and get your fingers ready to answer some fun q’s!

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1. Kim’s Fairytale Wedding was a huge Kardashian affair! Did you tune in?
2. Rihanna is coming out with another album. Are you excited? Should she have waited a little longer?
3. Which Joe Jonas collab do you like better, this one with Chris Brown or this remix with Lil’ Wayne?
4. Speaking of Joe Jonas, did you pick up his first solo album Fastlife yet? What’d ya think?
5. Which unreleased Britney Spears song is your fave?
6. Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing the same dress as…Gaga? Who wore it best?!
7. Do you think Louis is really Blair’s baby daddy on Gossip Girl? Do you wish it was Chuck’s?
8. Do you agree that Glee sucks this season?
9. Who would you rather kiss…Justin Bieber or Cody Simpson?
10. Have you seen this hilarious video with Betty White? Thoughts?
11. Scarves…love ’em or leave ’em as a fall 2011 trend?
12. Which celeb’s costume just might be your inspiration for Halloween this year?
13. What do you think of these exclusive Jasmine V interviews? Are you a fan?
14. What did you think of The Vampire Diaries ep this week? Predictions?
15. Whose cover of Lady Gaga’s “You and I” was better…Elizabeth Gillies‘ or Greyson Chance‘s?

Don’t leave without leaving your answers to these Q’s in the comments!

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  • Henrique

    WOW! . . . (long pause because I can’t even think of the right words) These warm my heart so see my girls so coofbrtamle and presented so beautifully. You truly have a gift. We really had a great time last night. The girls we be so happy to see these. A million thanks for your hard work. ☺♥

  • Sam

    1. I didn’t see it, but I saw a really small part of it.
    2. Yeah. I love her music!
    3. Lil’ Wayne
    4. I thought all of her songs would be released by now
    5. Kim
    6. I don’t watch that show.
    7. I don’t watch that show.
    8. Justin Bieber
    9. No
    10. Love em’
    11. I love Katy Perry’s costumes.
    12. I’m not a fan of her
    13. I don’t watch that show
    14. Liz Gillies