Sound-Off Sundays: Fill In the Speech Bubbles For Ed Westwick, Taylor Swift and More!

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Hey guys, what happened? We were so proud last week when we saw that so many of you contributed to our previous Sound-Off Sundays contest. But now, it looks like that one-week streak of greatness is dunzo. Whomp whomp. Guess it gives us a chance to show off our own comedic skills again. So after you check out our newest winner — yes, we still picked one — review our latest speech bubble captions, then tell us how you would fill ’em in yourselves!

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Congrats Kendra! Your fill-in was awesomesauce!

Now, it’s our turn!

Katy Perry

"Actually, I picked this outfit up last Friday night at a Halloween store."


Taylor Swift

"Yes, I still have the voicemail that Joe left me saved on my phone. Wanna hear?"



"If I sneak through these bushes, maybe no one will question me about Babyonce."


Nicki Minaj

"What is with all these chicks jackin' "Super Bass" from me?"


Ashley Greene

"Darn, I got so used to my Alice Cullen wig, that my normal hair feels itchy now."


Ed Westwick

"Hmph. Chuck Bass would never even carry an umbrella, let alone a rainbow one."


Well, were we funny enough for you guys? Or do you think you can do better? We want you to show us up, so take it away!

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  • Tyarrah


  • Tyarrah

    beyonce: They think my stomach is big now, watch it get bigger while I eat this delicious twinky

  • spanishgirl

    nicki minaj:hope people aren´t looking at me so much…

  • Anonymous

    nicki- i knew i should have gotten my botox an hour earlier! dang good thing my shirt will keep the attention away from my face

  • What! you cant break up with me on the phone! Your getting on my next song.

  • chelisha

    niki minaj ” hunch, it will make the slipping bra look normal!”

  • Shaniah McDaade:)!x

    Katy perry; omg, this is amaazing;L

    Taylor swift; awwk he loves me;)

    Beyonce; has someone else boought my album, no wait it was Tinie Tempahs, daamn world;/

    Nicki minaj; “yeah okay” these boys love me;)

    Asheley; Damn, my dads condom was a fail why is my life so.. arghhh!

  • Shaniah McDaade:)!x

    hello, im a fashion wannabe just i really want to be something for halloween that no one else would think of something girl or cute or scary, im not too sure anyway thanks hope i get some help:)x

  • Sharon

    Katy “Legen….. wait for it….dary!”

    Taylor “Why hasn’t he called me? Oh, he’s gonna get it in my next song!”

    Beyonce “As God is my witness, no one shall try to take this bag of super scrumptious extra chocolatey muffins from me.” [Enter stealth mode]

    Nicki “Gimmie five minutes. I’m sure somethin will pop out.”

    Ashley “Ugh, that’s the last time I use THAT deodorant.”

    Ed “Yes, the rain is making me feel homesick, okay? Bloody Americans!”

  • MileysBarbie

    Katy Perry: ‘ Uh, YOU LADY!! I want a beer over here! ‘

    Taylor Swift: ‘ I think Joe wants to come back together!’

    Beyonce: ‘ Wait, did someone say Justin Bieber?’ OR ‘ Wait, did someone say Free~Chicken?! ‘

    Nicki Minaj: ‘ Oh look, there’s some bitch who has bigger tits than me!! Act cool, act cool! ‘

    Ashley Greene: ” DAMN, I forgot to tell Joe to wear a condom, well what ever!! ‘

  • Emily

    Katy, ” um, yes bar tender just one more drink please. It is Friday.”

  • Brielle

    Taylor Swift: “Aww, Adam’s reply to my song Enchanted is so sweet!”:)

    • Tess

      :DD Great!

  • vv

    These jokes are so corny!!! But I like Ashley Greene’s! :)