It’s Bieber vs. Bella! Which Single Are You Buying Today? (Poll)

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If we said that today was the biggest day in music, that’d be an understatement. Well, actually, it’s more like the biggest day in land, because today is the day that both Bella‘s (as in Thorne) and Bieber (as in Justin)’s new singles hit iTunes. Obvs we’re talking about Bella’s “Bubblegum Boy” and Justin’s “Mistletoe,” but you already knew that because you stalk us read everyday, right? But here’s where the real question comes in… which song will you be buying?

Listen to snippets of both songs below, then make sure to vote for your pick and leave your choice in the comments!

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  • Angela Talmadge

    Bella’s song is amazing! can’t wait for the music video to come out! Either that, or I haven’t been looking hard enough… I like Justin Bieber’s, but it’s no Christmas yet. Besides, Bubblegum Boy is one of the best songs I’ve heard!

  • steven sanchez

    hola bella thorne es una chica muy simpática y muy bonita enserio me gusta mucho, y me gusta tu serie de televicion en disney channel shake it up ojala algún día pudiéramos conocernos te quiero quisiera que fueras mi novia, quiero que sigas con la serie shake it up, justin bieber también me gustan todas tus canciones como: never say never, mistleatoe, somebody y santa claus is comign to tow igualmente ojala algún día seamos grandes amigos